Space Wolves Painting Update, Army List & Fluff

It has been an insane past couple of weeks. I’ve had a midterms week from hell to contend with, followed by seven days during which I was tasked with writing four different essays to the tune of 32 pages of tedious, boring writing. So, I’m sure you’ll understand why, at this point, even looking at a word processor is enough to make my stomach turn and my blood run cold. Nonetheless, I’m here to give you all an update on the status of my Deathwolves! (They were Firehowlers originally, but the Wulfen Edition Codex’s Deathwolf formation is infinitely cooler)

So far, I have two ‘Wolves in a stage that I would refer to as absolute completion: all edge highlights clean as I’d like them to be; all details filled in, highlighted, washed, etc; faces/helmets/weapons painted without need for a re-do. In addition to those Wolves, I’ve got around five that are “roughly” complete, with need of further highlighting, edge lining, or face painting. I’ve also got three wolves that I painted a couple years ago that I intend on using until I’ve painted superior models to replace them, despite the fact that they barely (if at all) match the painting style I have today.

Now that I’m finished with what might have been the most hectic week in my three years of college experience, I’m set to put some more models on my workbench and hammer them out! Right now, I’ve got somewhere between 10 and 15 Grey Hunters still in the sprue and three Thunderwolf Cavalry unglued, since I’m considering getting some fancy resin bases for my Thunderwolves and HQ. Additionally, I’ve finally decided on having two configurations for my primary Warlord, Feros ‘Grymvlk’ Wyvernbane: one configuration with him on foot and possessing a Combi-Plasma bolter (for higher-point games where I’ll run two Deathwolves formations in the Wolf Claw Strike Force detachment, with Harald Deathwolf as my Warlord), and another configuration with Feros on the back of a Thunderwolf, wielding the devastating Black Death.

I’m going to finish my 30 Grey Hunters before I even think about putting brush to my Thunderwolves and HQ choices, so that I get adequately used to blending with a wet palette, working with my new brushes, and thinning paints properly (I have an inordinate amount of trouble with this… Any advice?) before working on the models that will be the centerpieces of my entire army. Once I’ve completed literally everything on my workbench, I plan on rewarding myself by assembling and painting a Stormwolf Gunship. After that, I’ll just need a few Swiftclaw bikers and Long Fangs, and my army will be ready to kick heretic/xenos ass!

Army List(1650 pts)

The entire list fits under the “Wolf Claw Strike Force” Decurion-style detachment


  • Feros ‘Grymvlk’ Wyvernbane, Wolf Guard Battle Leader

    As Co-Battle Leader of Harald Deathwolf’s Great Company, Feros Wyvernbane serves as the method to Canis Wolfborn’s madness. Despite the fact that bears the Mark of the Wulfen, he shows remarkable mastery over the Canis Helix and, other than his wolf-yellow eyes and exceptionally long fangs, suffers no serious effects of his curse. True to his namesake, the Grymvlk commands a stoic and forbidding presence, and is altogether an exceptionally imposing Son of Russ.

    • Thunderwolf Mount

    • Armour of Russ

    • Black Death

Elite Choices

  • Pack of the Grymvlk, 5 Wolf Scouts

    Lead by Orik Blackfang: Feros’ trusted advisor and confidant, the Pack of the Grymvlk is comprised of those among the Space Wolves who take more solace in the dour company of their pack than the raucous celebration of the mead hall. Each of them is a dear friend and battle-brother of Feros’, and know him better than most.

    • 5x Sniper Rifles, 5x Camo Cloaks

Troops Choices

  • Beograf’s Hunters, 10 Grey Hunters

    A particularly hardy group of Grey Hunters, many of the Greys within this pack are almost as venerable as Long Fangs, though they have not yet ascended to that lofty rank. They are no less fervent in the execution of their duties for lack of that great honor, but there exists an uneasy restlessness in the pack now that Beograf the Bold has tamed a Thunderwolf and now counts himself among the Wolf Guard. To further compound matters, the Grymvlk surprised the Hunters by appointing a “loaner” leader from Ragnar Blackmane’s own Wolf Guard instead of simply promoting one of the Hunters already in the pack. Speculation is abound as to why Feros would do such a thing, but many believe that he intends to promote Beograf’s Hunters to Long Fangs sooner rather than later.

    • 2x Plasma Gun

    • 1x Plasma Pistol

    • 8x CCW

    • 1x Wolf Guard Pack Leader w/ 1x Plasma Pistol

  • Trackers of the Deathwolf, 10 Grey Hunters

    A pack of relatively young Grey Hunters, the Trackers of the Deathwolf are led by a member of the same pack of Wolf Guard that Feros Wyvernbane himself serves in: that of Harald Deathwolf. Their leader, a proud old wolf by the name of Ulrich Ironclaw, leads the pack with an unshakeable will and an unerringly strict regiment. Despite his dire leadership, his Grey Hunters flourish, and are some of the most talented among the Deathwolves.

    • 2x Plasma Guns

    • 1x Plasma Pistol

    • 8x CCW

    • Wolf Standard

    • Wolf Guard Pack Leader w/ Power Sword and Plasma Pistol

Fast Attack Choices

  • The Grim Riders, 5 Thunderwolf Cavalry

    The personal Wolf Guard retinue of Feros Wyvernbane. Each and every rider has gone through a rigorous and dangerous test from which few emerge intact: the taming of a Thunderwolf, without any equipment. It is said that The Grymvlk tamed his mighty black Thunderwolf through a sheer contest of wills; not even having to lay a hand on the great beast in order to dominate it. The Grim Riders ritualistically mirror this legend, taming their Thunderwolves without any of the usual trappings.

    • 3x Storm Shields, 5x Power Swords

  • Helraisers, 2x squads of 3 Swiftclaw Bikers

    Led by the twin Blood Claws Loki and Yarven, hand chosen by the Grymvlk for their ferocity in combat and competitive nature, the two squads of Helraisers are a force to be reckoned with, as each brother attempts to lead his bike squad to eclipse the greatness of the other.

    • Default loadout for both squads of bikers
  • Nidhoggr, Stormwolf Gunship

    The personal transport of Feros and his Wolf Guard, the Nidhoggr is outfitted with special Iron Priest stealth technology, allowing it to deploy its cargo discreetly before a battle even begins. It is largely due to this fact that Feros’ Deathwolves are known throughout Fenris as being silent hunters, almost omnipresent on the battlefield. Once deploying all of Feros’ Outflanking troops, the ship and her crew are hardly finished with their mission; disabling its stealth fields, the Nidhoggr screams into battle at the first howls of the Battle Brothers she serves, unleashing frosty death upon all the hapless enemies below.

    • 1x Helfrost Cannon, 2x Twin-Linked Multi-Meltas, 1x Twin-Linked Lascannon


  • The Fangs of Asaheim, 10 Fenrisian Wolves

    Tamed by Canis Wolfborn himself, these Fenrisian Wolves bear the frost-white fur of the Asaheim peaks whence they were bred. These wolves are seen by the Deathwolves as no less than brothers in arms, and are treated with the utmost respect by the Space Wolves’ astartes. Canis Wolfborn has been known to prefer dining with his tamed Fenrisian Wolves over doing so with his battle-brothers: a habit that the Grymvlk sometimes partakes in as well.

    • 1x Cyberwolf


Heavy Support Choices

  • The Oathbearers, 6 Long Fangs

    Each of them originally Lone Wolves of various packs throughout the Great Companies of the Space Wolves, the careful deliberation and selection of Harald Deathwolf and Feros Wyvernbane has seen these old wolves reinstated into the Deathwolves as Long Fangs. Their oaths of honoring the memory of their previous packs have not been forgotten, however, and they fight with all the ferocity and cunning one might expect of those who once were Lone Wolves.

    • 1x Plasma Cannon, 1x Lascannon, 1x Plasma Gun, 3x Heavy Bolter

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Looks like a solid rounded list. I like the fluff snippet with each unit. That’s something I really keep meaning to do with my own army and keep forgetting.

Brennan Barni
Brennan Barni

Thanks! I just wish I had more time to paint them. All of my friends are getting into Age of Sigmar (much to my chagrin), so I’m also tempted to paint some of the Gladeguard I bought some years back and dabble in that! It seems there’s no shortage of distractions to keep my wolves from advancing past the solid-black primer stage. Well, if I do paint those Gladeguard, at least I’ll have some better experience with painting overall to apply to my primary project, eh?


Peer pressure, eh? I don’t think many of us get to work on our projects as much as we’d like. But yeah, painting is painting, and all good for experience all around.


My 4 year old has been wanting to play miniature games with me since he could walk so I finally broke down and got the age of sigma set. I have to say I like the game a lot. I see rants online about 40k getting age of sigmard and ya know what for most of us who follow this blog it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Anyway tangent aside painting is painting once you make it routine you don’t even know your doing its like exercise but easier at least for me. Also don’t feel like you have to get something perfect that makes things daunting :) or at least take forever.

Your space wolf posts have me wanting to do wolves so best of luck on the project.

O yeah and thor since last post 20 more models complete 5 age of sigmar Khorne doods 5 alpha legion an 10 cultists. :) I’ll try to do a quarterly post.


I haven’t played AoS, but people whose opinions I value like it, so I could live with it if it came to 40K.

You’re getting way more painted than I am. Been up in Ellsworth this weekend, heading back today. Be up here each weekend for a while getting the house ready to sell.

Brennan Barni
Brennan Barni

Thanks! I’ve recently started basing my models with heavy use of hobby cork and am working on a display piece. (The Space Wolf from the Deathwatch box set) I’ll be writing an article on it shortly; I’m really excited to show off some of the bases I’ve been able to create.


Aww there was no pictures.

Brennan Barni
Brennan Barni

Haha, sorry about that! (And also sorry for missing your response by 16 days; I’ve been incredibly swamped the past two weeks) I was away from my home, visiting some family when I wrote this post. Once I get to work again, I’ll definitely be posting an update with pictures of my burgeoning army. :)


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