Spectre Studio’s 1st Video Battle Report

Spectre Senence: Video Battle ReportHey this is Spectre Senence here. I have been playing 40K since the 2nd edition and dabbled in many of GW side games like Space Hulk, Man o’ War, Blood Bowl & many others. I’m also a storyteller, having finally ended a 20+ year campaign as a Dungeon Master. I do play other games such as War Machine & Malifauex but with full-time work, three kids and a fourth on the way, there isn’t enough hours in the day. So GW as being the easiest to get a game in takes my time.

At one point or another, I have own some portion of all the armies out there but as my interest shifted I came to collect only a few of these now. I have built a massive Imperial Guard army and recently added a Grey Knight army as well, and I did this because I wanted a smaller army to bring to my FLGS, when you play horde armies you’ll understand. However I am known for my Tyranids. My army Hive Fleet Wraith have grown like a deadly Norn Queen and her favored Hive Tyrant and we have dominated the 40K field for some time. But as an old gamer, I play for fun and the chance to meet people and although I re-entered the tournament scene, its days are numbered as I’ve begun a studio group with the idea to bring the Standish, ME community to the masses of the internet and I’m going to try to get film covered on these events. Thor has been cool with me and shares my interest and helping us get our stuff out there and we hope to be able to get more of you following what we are doing up here.

This is Spectre Studio’s 1st Video Battle Report with Spectre Senence versus Spectre Foreman of Tyranids against Space Marines. It is a 5 part series with filming on the end of movement phase but as action happens with shooting and assault. We are using 2 window phone cameras to shoot the action and get a feel for recording so we are aware of the audio being low and welcome comments to help improve the product. Hope you enjoy and check out other Spectre Studio video content!

P.S. It is also in our plans to get yours truly Fate Angels in some of these video BatReps!

  • Amberclad87

    Very cool stuff! My only critcism of the batreps is to do turn by turn re-caps, instead of live action throughout the turns. Not to many people like to watch a batrep that takes more than 10-15 minutes and if you cut to turn by turn re-caps, then this should cut your overall time down. And as you know the audio is not all that great, but thats an easy thing to tweak. Other than that, great job! It’s nice to see the XRG community get noticed.

  • I agree with Amber. I’m not sure how many parts this is but I expect the entire thing is like 20-30 minutes? Like I was saying the other day, everyone has ADD these days and ideally a full bat rep will run 5-6 minutes, 10 minutes being on the long end. Having 9 minutes for just one part is going to scare people away. Everyone wants to be able to sit down and watch the entire thing at once and not hunt down the videos for each segment.

  • Benito Senence

    I can agree with you some levels but those recap videos get very few views versus some sites that do full turns. Miniwargaming shows every move and roll and have a large following [10,000+]. The next one we did coming up we cut down to just filming the shooting at full and recaping movement & assault phase. I do appreciate the comments though, we are trying to mix the length and still putting enough there to also learn from.

    • What you need to take into consideration when making comparisons is who is doing it. MWG can push out a long video and get the views because of their huge community. They are an established company with a loyal following. Those starting out don’t have the benefit of having thousands of followers and need to work on hooking those followers first. It’s hard to hook a lot of followers when your early vids are so long; people won’t bother watching. Who are you to them that they’ll sit down for an hour to watch your video?

      Ultimately it’s up to you guys. I’m just trying to offer some friendly advice since it’s something I’ve been doing forever, online communities.

      • Maybe you could post a recap in addition to the more thorough videos.  You can hook those of short attention span with the recaps but still leave the detailed option for those who want to see more.

        • Benito Senence

          I’ve been thinking about that part lately. A video with a what happen wrap session but forget as filming a 2+ hour game. I could explore the recap turns it just drives up the actual filming the game time as players have to fully explain what happen. I see a lot of videos that get confusing of what happened so will see what we can do.

          • ming from b&c

            I have been watching the Banter Bat Reps at Miniwargamer.com and they are very long but fun to watch because of the…banter…I don’t care how long they are as long as they are fun…well…except now that they went from a 5 episode format to 10 with all the jokes and stuff…and they are adding more text comment as well….just keep it fun….or find a way to make your own style improvements on doing the reports…

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