Speedmek: HQ Choices

Speekmek HQThe real first part of the series is covering the HQ choices for my Speedmek lists. Let’s dive in.

Big Mek
In every Speedmek list I make there is always an HQ requirement for me. That requirement is the Big Mek with a kustom force field (KFF). As you’ll see in the rest of my list as we get there, I have a lot of vehicles. In a 1,500 list I will run 11 vehicles easy. With so much armor on the table having a KFF is a no-brainer really. A 4+ cover save for every vehicle within 6+ of the KFF? Yes please! When the Big Mek is in a vehicle, which he always is, you’re measuring 6″ off the hull of his vehicle, which in turn gives you an even larger radius to work from.

As for the other wargear he has it’s pretty minimal. Most of the time he will just have ‘eavy armor (4+ save), in addition to the KFF. If I’m floating some points then I’ll occasionally give him a cybork body (5+ invulnerable), in addition to the ‘eavy armor, or in some cases in place of it.

That’s it, it’s all he gets. The job of my Big Mek is to sit in a vehicle and utilize his KFF. His ride can vary depending on the rest of my list but it will either be a Trukk or a Battlewagon depending on how I want to spread my threats. When the unit he’s with needs to jump out and assault stuff he will sit tight in the vehicle. I do this for a few reasons. One, if he’s in assault then he’s going to be singled out and killed. A Big Mek is a Nob in terms of stats, just with LD8. So, he’s not bad at assault but he’s an IC (independent character), and an IC with just Nob stats is pretty weak as far as ICs go. In turn he’s not hard to kill at all. Keeping him instead in a vehicle allows me to keep him cheap since I don’t, ideally, need to be concerned with his assault potential and defense.

The second reason he sits in the vehicle is to keep the vehicle safer and to maximize KFF range. Again, you measure off the hull of the vehicle for the 6″ KFF bubble range. With him keeping the vehicle he’s in safer, and those around him with that larger range, this helps ensure the units have a vehicle to jump back into when needed. Additionally, that increased range also helps protect those units on foot near his vehicle to give a 5+ cover save.

Now, in larger games I’ll bring a second HQ and for that I rely on the Warboss for the job. The main reason I’ll use the Warboss is to get Nobz as troops. Of course, the fact he’s a monster in assault is a good reason too. He will most often ride with my ‘ard Boyz when taken. Why not the Nobz? In larger games my Big Mek tends to ride with the Nobz in the BW (Battlewagon) to keep the KFF safe. I like to spread my threats around and so the Warboss joins the ‘ard Boyz. If I put him with the Big Mek and Nobz in a BW then that’s just one huge juicy target that will be removed ASAP.

As for wargear I tend to keep it reasonably cheap. He will always have ‘eavy armor and a cybork body for the 4+/5+ save. From there he’ll change flavors a bit depending on the rest of my list. The most common weapon I give him is the power klaw (PK), for obvious reasons. Other times he’ll have a big choppa if I want a cheaper Warboss that swings at initiative. I know some scoff at a big choppa on a Warboss but he’s still S8 on the charge, S7 otherwise, has a base 4 attacks and will actually be at I5 on the charge; that’s before dem beakies! If I’m floating some points I’ll also give him an attack squig for the +1 attack (six attacks on the charge!).

Now, I have not really given any other HQ much of a chance. I have never fielded Ghaz. I don’t really have anything against him but he’s pricey and I’m one of those people that prefers to put the points into the army as a whole and not a single model. An SAG (shokk attak gun), Big Mek would fit the theme but it would have to be as a second HQ since the KFF is a requirement for me. I have not given that option the light of day yet but most likely will in the next few weeks for amusement. I’ve tried a Weirdboy a few times but not recently. Again, it would be a second HQ and another one I want to experiment with. I have fielded Grotsnik once recently and it went relatively well but I need to do it a few more times to give any conclusive feedback there. The others I have not tried, Gutsmek and Zogwort.

Next up is the elite choices.

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