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Stagnant - BoringMaybe it’s just me but it really seems like most blog articles I see these days are all covering the same topics over and over. I don’t mean to say they’re all writing about the same thing at once but instead rehashing age old arguments and discussions to try and put a new spin on it. Depending on the author it can work for some but most of the time I start reading them and just click away.

Now, I’m referring to gaming blogs, blogs that focus on the game itself, be it strategy, tactics, etc. I don’t mean my personal observation to be insulting, I think it’s just the nature of the beast. We’ve now been playing 5th for just over three years and though we’ve had a lot of new codices since the introduction of 5th, which invariably causes a lot of new discussions about approaches to the game, the core of the game has remained the same. You can really only talk about something that’s largely static so much before you start repeating yourself.

I have no answers and I suppose I’m really just complaining. There’s still some great sites out there offering up interesting and unique content but by and large I feel things have just become stagnant on the gaming front. I’m certainly not up on a soap box here either. I’ve had a hard time coming up with articles lately so I certainly understand.

I was hoping to have more to offer in this article but I’ve got nothing, ironic I suppose. If nothing else it should put the current poll into perspective, which you can vote in here:

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  • Anonymous

    My blog is totally stagnant.  Most of my gaming posts are just pictures of unpainted minis for my archives.

  • Steven Kelly

    If you only play one game system, then it will become harder to come up with new stuff, and to keep it interesting.

    I personally play many game systems so hopefully have something new to blog about, whether my witterings are interesting or not is another matter….,

    Nice blog by the way.

    • Very true. Hmm…I’ll have to think on that.

      Thanks for the compliment and I’ll be sure to check out your blog.

  • Alex Karge

    I’ve noticed the exact same thing. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve become familiar with the community, or maybe things truly have stagnated (especially since NOVA), but your perspective is not alone.

  • Somewhat – but I think that is because sooooo many players are behind the curve that we are forced to rehash the tired arguments of why they’re wrong, orks and Lash aren’t good, over and over.

    And loads of them STILL don’t accept it, so in 6 months, the same happens.

    • I’d say blog format plays a large role in that. I, for example, do not get emails asking me to criticize their army lists or people asking me if I think X is a good option. Blogs that do I can see that occurring, re-posting the same answers over and over. That’s the big reason I don’t bother with forums any longer, I got tired of the same questions being asked over and over.

      It’s personality too that plays into that. I have my opinions and if nobody agrees then that’s fine by me. Hell, they might be right and hearing their side may change my view. However, some people are stubborn and insist on ramming their opinions down the throats of readers over and over in what I feel is them trying to justify themselves to themselves. Well, and some people just like to hear themselves speak, or should I say write in this case?

      • Which am I? ;)

        Subject: [creativetwilight] Re: Stagnant Blogging

        • I’m a married man. I’ve learned not to answer loaded questions ;)

          Nah, if I thought you were the forceful type then I wouldn’t bother visiting your blog.

  • You’ve got a point here. Producing original content is tough and the temptation to comment on what someone else is doing or saying is ever present.

    It is, after all, so much easier to talk about what everyone else is talking about rather than to forge your own path. This is one of the reasons there’s always a deluge of posts about current events or new releases or controversies.

    This is compounded by the way that whatever is popular is by definition the thing that drives the most traffic. Discussing the merits of a new army book or codex is a great way to draw traffic as you know people will be searching for this sort of thing every time a new book is released.

    On the other hand, we all know that the best posts are the creative ones. Where someone starts something, produces something or shares something they have been working on that is impressive, inspiring or simply enjoyable viewing.

    That said, I think stagnation in internet land is a point of view. I’d suggest that if you feel that the internet is growing stagnant then perhaps you’re not reading the right blogs, or enough of the right blogs.

    The internet, and our community, is big enough these days to ensure that someone out there has produced something actually worth reading and digesting everyday. I know that’s what drives me to trawl the blogs I subscribe to; the knowledge that I am practically guaranteed to find something worthwhile amid the less useful commentary.

    • True enough. I really need to branch out more on the blogs I read. We all evolve over time and the material I once found interesting has lost it’s luster.

      • I think specific projects can be interesting. Red Scorps for example. Reading about his painting up a Red Scorpions army unit by unit was great fun and inspired me to try and get some painting done too.

  • I don’t read the gaming blogs much at all, but you’re probably right.  There’s also a lot of stagnation in regards to community issues like competitive versus narrative, painting scores at tournaments etc.  

    These things just aren’t easily solved and people love to get on their high horse about them (myself included sometimes), so blogging about them is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    Like GDMNW said though, there’s a lot out there.  I have my favourites and they became my favourites by bringing unique viewpoints to the sphere.

  • Von

    I think all blogospheres become stagnant after a while, especially ones tied to a release cycle.  You see it a lot in media fandom; a series of something comes out and gets everyone going again, but they tend to be saying the same sorts of things with the same sorts of priorities that they always are. Personally, I get bored once I feel I’ve read it all, which is why I drift in cycles myself, trying to stay one step ahead of my own ennui.

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