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Standish Standoff 2: Kamui’s thoughts

The Standish Standoff 2Hello all,

If you’ve been reading my posts for the last couple of months you know I’ve been working to pull together an army for the Standish Standoff 2.  Thor did a good job of covering the basics so I won’t re-hash too much of what he covered but it was a great event and I wanted to cover my experiences.  I do have some criticisms to make, but they are very minor.Standish Standoff Preparation:

This is a hobby based event so there are army composition and painting scores that have a significant impact on your total.  Both of these impacted my army decisions to a certain degree.  I feel they did a good job on the composition guidelines.  There weren’t additional subjective points like there were in the first Standoff so you pretty much know what you are going to score before you submit your list.  If you happen to have a fluffy list that somehow doesn’t fit well into the rubric there is a chance of the judges removing penalties to improve your scores, and you have a chance to submit a new list if it doesn’t score as well as you’d hoped.  The rubric wasn’t as restrictive as the April Assault so I just built for maximum points. You can put pretty much anything into your list as long as you aren’t spamming units or overloading a certain FOC slot.  If you’re looking to bring the toughest list you can build this isn’t really the event for you but you can still fit some tough builds into a decent comp. score.

Without comp. scores I would have taken a second boom-wagon because I really like them in pairs (I have two mostly painted,) and skipped on the two deffkoptas.  Painting had much more impact on my list than the comp. scores though.  By the way, painting wasn’t required.  There were a couple of players with only partially painted armies and I didn’t see anyone give them a hard time about it, but I wasn’t willing to give up the points.  I would have liked to have taken a smaller nobs mob and brought some buggies instead of the koptas to increase my footprint.  I would also have liked to take rokkits in the footslogger mobs instead of big shootas.  As it was, here’s the list I brought:

*The grots are all missing here, they were still being painted.

My one criticism on the preparation phase of this event is that I would have liked to see a packet sooner.  The information was all available on the XRG forums but it was a little scattered and a packet helps you feel like nothing is going to change.  Given the recent release of 6th edition I know there was a lot of work required to iron out the comp. rules and re-write the missions so I can understand why the packet wasn’t complete sooner.

Event schedule:

This year the event started with the painting competitions vs. last year when the painting competitions happened during lunch.  I think this is a good idea because it leaves your models tied up at the start where you’re still working on unpacking everything rather than being sandwiched by games.  This ran a little over and caused a late start for the first round but not by too much.  Overall things ran smoothly without a lot of lag between rounds.  At 1850 with a hard dice-down time limit it would have been nice to have another 15 minutes per round but as it was I still managed to make it through turn 4 in two games, and turn 3 in one.  In that one we may have been able to squeeze in a 4th but I didn’t want to risk my opponent having to stop half way through his turn after I got a full one.

The Tables, the Terrain, the Games:

The terrain was all set up ahead of time to save the time once play began.  The tables I played on were well balanced with a decent variety of terrain types and no significant advantage to one side vs. another.  XRG has a great collection of terrain built and maintained by volunteers.  There’s always a volunteer push to repair existing and add new terrain before these events so everything looked great as usual.

The missions were from the standard book of XRG missions.  I believe they were all written by Thor and they’ve been play-tested quite a bit by the XRG regulars.  Warlord Traits, Mysterious Objectives, and Mysterious Terrain were all ignored for the purpose of this event to speed things up a little bit.  In the games I’ve played using these rules they have usually had little effect on the game but as new Codex books come out that incorporate army specific traits I think they may need to be brought back into this event.  Overall I enjoy the missions used at XRG.

This is already getting a bit long so I won’t go into detail on the games I played.  I will write another follow-up where I talk about my games and how I feel about the Orks in 6th edition now that I’ve had a chance to play through some games with them.  For now I will say that all three of my games were close enough to be enjoyable with most of the objectives coming down to the last round played.  They were reasonably close but decisively scored; I went 30-1, 0-30, and 5-30.  All three of my opponents were good sports and fun to play with.  Overall I had three very fun games even if they weren’t my best performances.

The Aftermath:

In the end I landed pretty middle of the pack.  My soft scores were decent but my battle points were very low.  I did win one Bronze Spawn and two honorable mentions in the painting competition so I was very happy about that.

Bronze Spawn 25mm base winner, Wolf Lord Arngrim the Swift

As a bonus, this event has motivated be to finally paint up a full Ork army so I now have a solid core to build from instead of a motley assortment of partially painted stuff with a couple of decently painted models.  The organizers put together a great event with no real problems and a lot of fun for everyone.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to this event.

Thanks for reading!

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Eventually we’ll get this figured out. We take a few new things and refine each event but it is a slow process since we don’t use all these components on a regular basis.

If upon registration we had gotten email addresses I could have sent packet out when it was done(but do all the players check their email regularly?). Instead I ended up waiting till after the List submission date and whoever didn’t submit I then made 20 phone calls on that Sunday, Blaaaaah. Many of those were messages and I had to call several times. In the end we had 2 players that didn’t get the packet or know about the list submission date but we also had an Alternate submit his list on time with a perfect score so IDK.


I do think that this year’s event ended up being a better core to work off of for future events. Last year’s needed work, which made for a lot of time this year preparing. Now I think the basics are down and it will just be easier, and in turn quicker, to get the event ready.