Standish Standoff 2017 Report

The Standish Standoff is the much-anticipated annual Warhammer 40K tournament that my FLGS holds. It’s a more hobby-centric event, and we all just come out for a fun day of gaming.

It was a few weeks ago, so before I forget everything, I should report on it ;)

Of course I brought along my Chaos Marines, the Disciples of Twilight. I decided on a list just a few days before the event, and I even managed one test game with it. I wasn’t expecting to run away with prizes for gaming, I never do, so I wasn’t concerned about the list.

Snow Rebasing

I did find time to do a lot of rebasing prior to the tournament. I’ve done various snow techniques over the years, and it was time to unify a bunch of them to the current fluffy snow method I use.

Snow Rebasing

This is something I’ve put off for a while. It’s not hard to rebase these to the new technique, it just takes time. I still have more units to do, but doing all these gave me a great start on it.

The Armies

I tried to get a picture of every army before the tournament started.


Oh yeah, we also got this freebie for attending the tournament. It’s a kickass scoreboard from 3D6 Wargaming. I’ve been wanting a scoreboard for a while, but I never got around to buying one. Unfortunately he doesn’t have this scoreboard on his site, but he does have a bigger one.


The Games

Game #1

My first game was against Orks, which was my first game against Orks in 8th.

The game was brutal. The game’s objective revolved around the board center, so there was a lot of fighting there. In the end though, the Orks pushed me off the center and came away with a 31-10 victory.

Game #2

This game was against Karl and his Slaanesh Daemons. I don’t remember anything of the mission other than Maelstrom cards were the primary, and it’s the only reason I won this game. I managed to take a lead with Maelstrom while Karl’s army was slowly taking mine apart. I got lucky with a 21-11 victory.


Game #3

My final game was against Steve and his Eldar. I had no hopes of victory here. Steve is a great player and I’m consistently outclassed in our games. Still, I played to have fun and we had a good game.

In the end Steve was able to table me, securing himself a 31-15 victory.




There’s a painting contest with various categories, all of which I had entered.

I won 2nd place for Grimtech in the 25-32mm category, and I also won 2nd place for Fane Bloodstar in the 40-50mm category. I think it’s the first year that I didn’t get a single 1st place. Oh well.

I also entered my Daemonettes for the squad category, and also Ironfate for the 60mm+ category, but neither of them won.

Last year I also entered Ironfate and he failed to win, hence me doing it again this year. This year he lost to this magnificent conversion of Warren’s, and also to Ed’s Magnus.

I’d show you Ed’s Magnus, but apparently it didn’t get posted on Facebook.

Speaking of, you can see other painting entries in the Crossroad Games Standoff album.


Overall it was a pretty disappointing showing for me with painting. I really expected Fane Bloodstar (aka: Abaddon) to win 1st place. Once I saw Warren’s awesome Nurgle Knight I knew I wouldn’t win 1st in that category, but I thought for sure I’d manage 2nd. Oh, and that Nurgle Knight did indeed win 1st.

I’m not really surprised though. The competition is getting better lately, a lot better, but also the painting judging has been…questionable the past few years. I’m not alone in that thought either.

Honestly, at this point I don’t really care. I love sharing my work and getting feedback, but I’ve kinda given up caring if it’s award-winning or not. I’m just having fun with my painting these days.


Unsurprisingly, I didn’t win any gaming awards. I didn’t do too bad throughout the day for battle points, considering 2 games were losses, but overall I didn’t do as great as I originally thought I had.

In painting scores I maxed out my points. I also maxed out sportsmanship. I did terrible on the pub quiz we had, and I also didn’t get voted as anyone’s favorite opponent (Skumgrod), so I lost points there.

Overall, I landed 15th out of 24 players. For battle points alone I was 21st – ouch. Just in soft scores I was 6th, which is decent.

It just wasn’t my year for anything I guess.


Painting upsets aside, and terrible showing in the results, I had a good day. All of my games were fun, which isn’t always the case at this event. I got to see people I only see once a year, play games, and eat pizza. Not a bad day at all.

  • Glad you had fun over all. The first game sounds like the sort I like to do, just throw down and brutalise each other.
    Hard luck in the painting. Must have been some great entries.

    • I love those games too. I had no complaints about how we played that one. Seriously, is there any other way to play against Orks? ;)

  • I had an enjoyable day as well. I took on the Slaanesh list in round one (won), artillery Guard in round two (loss), and those Orks in round three (won). I was amazed I managed third overall.
    Three fun games on the day, and I was dethroned as Pub Quiz champion by a point or two.

    • God. I did terrible in the quiz. Pretty sure it’s the worst I’ve done yet. I think the only question I answered, that I knew I had right, was the wound roll one. So, everyone got dethroned this year it would seem ;)

  • Berman

    Great article again. Nice to see more photo’s from the day. Would have been fun to face you across the table. Alas we apparently only get the one game.

    • I’m sure we’ll play again in a few years ;)

  • Siph

    That Nurgle Knight is awesome. Glad you had a good time regardless of results.

    • Warren is an author here that pops in once a year or so. I told him to get proper shots of that beast and put them up here. We’ll see if he actually does it though.

      • Warren Falconer

        I don’t reall have a good light box setup the best shots were the ones you nabbed off of Facebook

        • That’s too bad. Those shots are good, just would have been cool to get all the angels.

  • It’s always kind of awkward doing write-ups for an event where you had a good time, but there was no particular stand-out element you can point to as having been great.

    I always like seeing Chaos and Ork Armies get stuck in like that. One of my favorite matchups in 40K.

    And seriously, no shame at all in losing to that Nurgle Knight. Wow.

    • Very perceptive of you.

      Yeah, Orks are always a good time. I’m hoping for a good codex for them as well, so maybe I can bust mine out again that haven’t seen the light since very early 6th. Orks have had a rough go of it the past few codices, well, unless you’re happy with a simple green tide anyway.

      The Knight is awesome. Despite sounding egotistical, I will say that’s the first model I’ve gone against where I knew I would lose to it.

      • Nah, no egotism there. You’re a damn good painter.

  • Good you had 3 fun games, it makes a huge difference on the day. 8th seems to flow better as well, making games easier and there are less rules arguments and quibbles.

    Gutted for you in the painting comp. your Abbadon model is stunning!

    • The funny thing with 8th is while it does flow better, rules are tighter and more refined, the games don’t seem to be any quicker. The game’s complication moved from the rulebook to the armies. No complaints, just an observation.

      Every single year I enter a model where I feel it will win. One year it was my Heldrake – no award. Last year it was my Knight – no award. This year it was Abaddon – no award. Like, not even an honorable mention, that’s what hurts.

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