Steed of Slaanesh – WIP #2

The first thing you’ll notice (maybe), since the first update is that I changed the rider’s legs. I had a pair of Chaos Knight legs that I decided to try on there and they fit really well around the Cold One. I had to cut off the back of the actual Cold One’s saddle and do some sculpting to fill in the void. This is preliminary work and I’ll be smoothing out transitions in the next round of updates.

You’ll also notice I started on the base. Note, right now the Cold One is pinned to the base by one foot so I could position things and he’s a bit lopsided as a result. I have to pin the other foot later. Anyway, my bases are generally on the bland side so I thought I’d step it up on this one since there’s so much room to play with. Since the point of the Steed is to get Outflank I thought it would be cool to give the impression it’s sneaking in through some dense terrain. Later on the sand will go down and then snow and ice to finish it off. I think it will look cool once it’s all done.

Now I wait on the green stuff to dry and then fix a few things there then move on to priming this thing and start painting it soon I hope.

  • I like the new legs, much more formidable. For the gap on the back you could add some gear or saddle bags. The base is going to look great with those trees.

    • Thanks.

      I planned to just work with what I started which was the cloth. I’m sure there’s a name for it but that almost loin cloth like thing that fantasy riders seem to wear underneath the chainmail and stuff. I was also extending the back of the saddle from the fantasy kit down to blend into the mount.

      I like your ideas but seeing as these guys use their mount as an instrument of death and less a transport, saddle bags and gear don’t quite seem a fit to me.

  • Yes the new legs fit much better, less puny than the last. I like the new additions to the base too. Should look great once you have added all the snow ect

    • These legs are definitely a better fit. I forgot I had them until Rory said something in the first post. I thought these legs would be too much but they do look way better than my previous attempt. They actually look like they belong. Amazing how legs posed for riding do that… ;)

  • Glad to see you trying out a bigger base. I think it looks great. The legs too.

    • Thank you.

      I’m pretty pleased with the base so far. I think it’s going to be the base that really makes the model stand out.

  • Relly liking how this is coming together man. The cold one will make a much nicer fit for a Chaos Space Marine than the usual Slaanesh mount.
    Regarding the base itself though I think you might want to avoid getting anything up to high on. By that I mean the tree trunk(twig) beside the rock. Maybe have it knocked over onto the rock itself, as though the steed is rushing in and knocking things aside? Just my thoughts.

    • I’m happy with how he’s coming along. Looking forward to painting this soon too.

      Why avoid the vertical tree? If it were a Juggernaut I could see knocking stuff over but Slaanesh is less direct.

      • I would just think it will obscure too much detail behind it.

        • That’s why I placed it back near his tail. It won’t obscure the rider or any major details that way. I like the idea of getting elevation with the base without raising the model up by putting him on something. I think it will look really cool once it’s all done.

          • Full faith in you and I am sure it will be done to standards exceeding mine, I just wanted to say it and you’ve proved you have already thought it all out. :)

  • Wow the legs really change the overall “feel” of the model. Just having them on there suddenly makes it seem much more imposing and brutish. This guy isn’t going to knock at the door.

    • Agreed and thanks. It feels less like a hack and more like a conversion now. Now I have to figure out how I plan to paint the Cold One…

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