Steed of Slaanesh - WIP #3

Steed of Slaanesh – Work in Progress

Despite having played with the Chaos Space Marines codex for close to three years, there’s still a ton in there I haven’t tried out. One of those things is the Steed of Slaanesh. The Juggernaut of Khorne is an obvious choice for a daemonic ride because you gain +1A, +1W and +1T and it’s only marginally more expensive than the other beasts; actually cheaper than the Palanquin of Nurgle. The benefits of the Steed of Slaanesh is +1A, Outflank and Acute Senses. Of course you need the Mark of Slaanesh, so +1I on top of it.

It’s something I’ve pondered over the years, using the steed, but just never got around to trying it out. I was going through some models I have that I bought off Khorne Inquisitor before he moved and saw the Cold One I got from him. I think he was using it for his Herald of Slaanesh and it seemed like a good choice for my steed of Slaanesh.

I took Berzerker legs and cut them to reposition to wrap around the Cold One. I’m working on some sculpting to detail things out a bit more; something more appropriate for a Lord or Sorcerer to stand out. The waist is magnetized to swap out the rider easily, again for  Lord or Sorcerer. The legs are also magnetized to the Cold One. It was already setup that way when I got it so I figured I may as well run with it.

I admit that the model does seem a tad on the large side on top the steed. I’m trying to work out how I can minimize that appearance and I think it might come down to basing. I can’t very well make the model less bulky. The base it’s on now will get changed. It’s a cool base that Khorne Inquisitor had cast but it won’t work with my snowy basing. Maybe when I redo the base I’ll give the model some elevation to give another focal point and reduce the appearance of the bulky model on the steed.

Thoughts anyone?


The model is done. See the Chaos Lord on Steed of Slaanesh showcase.

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Yes…yes…yes! YES!

One of my fav all time conversions was the guy who plays orks (awesomeless in GT’s I may add), and his warboss is riding one of these mounts. Epic stuff thor!


Cold one works well as a Slaanesh steed. Seeker is the more obvious choice maybe but, yeah, Cold one looks cool. Well done. What you could do to make the model look thinner is to give the legs a snugger fit. That’s easier said than done of course. Repositioning the gun arm could help too, if was pointing forward, the profil would be slimmer. And, as you mentioned, the base could help. Mounting the model on a 50 mm or 60 mm base could maybe help.

If you want to go the extra mile, then hack off the feet and sculpt them pointing more downwards.

Joe Baird

Great idea Thor! The head is a great choice with it, almost as if he is also turning into a dino.


It sonuds like such a simple idea to put a marine on something like that, doesn’t it? Then comes time to actually do it and you change your opinion sharpish.
But you have mostly pulled it off man, with the changes you have in mind. As Thomas said there are things to make it look better but I know for me they are beyound my level of current modelling skill. Looking forward to see how it goes with the base as well.
Perhaps beefing up the back legs may help.