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Sunday Funnies: Blood for the Blood God

You have to check out this video. MiniWarGaming started this series called “40K Rejects” and it’s great. They did stop-motion animation that focuses on a Chaos Marine warband. To quote a friend of mine:

I give this series two thumbs up and a big WTF!

Now my chaos marines will never sound the same …in my head….

Here’s the video. They have five episodes done so far so check those out after.

Check out their site too. They sell GW stock at discounted prices and in general they have a really good site promoting the hobby community. I wish I lived in their area because they seem like a bunch of great guys to hang out with and game with.

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They key to something like that video is to make it look so easy we say “Hey, I could have done that.”

If you could, you would have already.

I hope GW's IP Police don't rain down like Deffy's pie plates.