Confrontation: Table Top Judo

confrontation: nerd fightHello all Stealthy Stealth here a new contributor on Creative Twilight and I am here to talk about confrontation. Now this isn’t the standard battle between little pirates, ninjas, aliens, zombies, vampires and robots. Its the battle that goes on between the players wielding these forces.

Everyone who plays 40K knows that rules misinterpretations happen all the time and that games can be won, lost or more importantly the players may not have any fun and even feel slighted. Since this is a fact we must prepare ourselves for this war of the minds.

Step one: Put yourself in a defensive position. This is the most important step in the war of wills because you may be able to avoid all conflict from this point on. Be confident friendly and personable. Look your opponent straight in eye and smile. Shake there hand introduce yourself. Compliment them on there army, there choice of units. Make sure that they understand your army. Openly discuss terrain looking for any snafu that might get in the way. You are befriending your opponent. You are also setting the tone for all communication. This will also give you an idea of who you are dealing with. Were they forthcoming with their list? Did they argue over terrain?

Step Two: Be observant. Do they press your buttons called cock diced consistently when it favors them or not. Measure consistently. Declare Deepstrike, outflank and the likes with clarity. If you notice inconsistent behavior call them on it gently. This is a warning shot. Where are you measuring from? I documented that you said reserve not out flank. You may be playing a space case, if so they will will just apologize and move on. You may also be playing a mental Jedi who is sizing you up and taking every advantage they can. Call them on it politely this will keep them from gaining momentum and pulling the rug out on you later. Gaining momentum? That;s right momentum like a snowball rolling down a hill getting bigger as it goes. Every time you say yes the more likely you are to say yes again. The more you submit the more likely you are submit again. Table top domestic violence. heh. This is pretty common in gaming groups actually. Just like dogs packs of people make alphas and the omega submits to them over and over. Most likely because the omega is a nice guy and does not enjoy conflict. Another common behavior in gamers is the aggressor does not have to prove themselves. I speak confidently so I do not have to prove myself and you are the losing side of this rules debate so you have to prove to me that I am wrong. If this is the case just say “can you show me in the rule book, I just want to get this right.”

Step Three: The final blow. If the first two steps have been executed properly you never make it here. If you have been on top of your game and you find yourself here then dig in. Now it is important to stay in your defensive position. Ultimately you could be wrong and you must be ready to except it however if the game is on the line and you know some thing is rotten in Denmark, stand your ground. First state your case, calmly and then smile. If they persist repeat what they are saying to you. So you are stating that I have to take an additional leadership test…. Then look confused and smile. Give them an out. If they continue to press make them restate there case by saying “how do you mean?” This is a great question because its purposely improper. Its basis is confusing and makes one question themselves. When they state there reason just counter with yours and show why again. If they persist to disagree with you and you have remained calm friendly smiling. You need to disarm your opponent. Take your rule book set it down look down and then say “ok, just tell me one more time. Just so I can understand.” You opponent will jump (thinking they have won) and state there case. Then immediately reply “I am so glad that you bring that point up and argue your point again.”

What if some one becomes belligerent? Most people will not. However if they do or they try to make it personal say “look I just want to have a friendly fun game isn’t that what you want?” They may not realize they are being an ass hat. Gamers are not known for great social etiquette. However if this doesn’t knock off the behavior you just have to rat them out to the TO. Its highly unlikely that things would need to go this far.

Well I hope that you enjoyed this first article and have fun letting those dice roll.

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Confrontation: Table Top Judo
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