Tankbusta Nob – Lookie What I Found

Tankbusta NobThis past Wednesday my Orks squared off against Imperial Guard. On the first turn my Looted Wagon with Tankbustas blew up, not surprising. At the shop we have these wrecked Rhinos we use for vehicle craters so I grabbed one to represent my destroyed Looted Wagon. Now, my Tankbusta Nob is a conversion of mine and he’s magnetized at the waist. His lower torso is a small tank, appropriate right? I’ll have to get a shot of him in full at some point. Anyway, one of the regulars had the brilliant idea for the placement of my Nob in the wreck. The quality sucks since I used my phone, which obviously doesn’t have a great camera.

  • loquacious

    oh, how fun. I love stuff like that!

  • That’s great. The first one cracks me up, thanks.

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