Tanks for the Rebel Grots!

Hello all,

I managed a bit of progress on the tanks for my Rebel Grots.  They are coming together nicely and I’m quite happy with them so far.  I made it down to the shop for a test game with my 1500pt Rebel Grot list, and I also made it to the monthly tournament with my Orks/allied grots.  Overall a busy week from the gaming perspective.  Let’s start with the tanks: As I mentioned in my post last week, these tanks were scratch-built using templates from www.build-40k.com.  They are designed for paper-craft but they work well for card building as well.  The basilisk is my favorite at this point.  Since last week I build the gun, heavy bolter, and hatches/view-port.  Other than the tracks I’m done with the template so from here on I’ll be adding my own style to it.basilisk 042213 a basilisk 042213 b

Next up is the first p-card russ.  I built a second turret for it to mount the Exterminator Autocannon.  I also added a couple of details but nothing major.  As with the basilisk I’m done with the template for this one and will be personalizing it from here on.russ 042213 a


And then there’s the paper prototype.  This was the test chassis I made from cardboard to make sure the templates were in a decent scale.  I decided not to continue with cardboard because it warps a bit.  I’ve made cardboard tanks in the past and with a bit of effort they can come out nice but it’s easier to get good detail out of styrene.  I have found that you can start in card and clad it in styrene to stretch your supplies so that’s what I’m doing with this one.  I’ve started adding styrene and I built an Exterminator turret for this one as well.russ 042213 b


On Wednesday I made it down to Crossroad Games to pit my 1500 point Rebel Grot list (much of it proxied) against Thor’s mono-Khorne CSM.  Here’s the list I used:


It was a lot of shooting and for the first two turns I had very good luck with deviation rolls.  By the time he was able to reach me in Assault he couldn’t do enough damage make a big difference.  It was definitely a demonstration of the raw fire power the IG can field.  Unfortunately, I found out the next day that the Fratris Salutem would be moved to June 1st and I won’t be able to attend.

I did manage to clear up Saturday to participate in the monthly tourney at Crossroad Games.  I brought an Ork army with Rebel Grot allies so that I could test the Leman Russ Exterminators a bit more.  I didn’t do that well in points, landing 8th out of 14.  The first two games were closer than the points would indicate while the third game went well to my favor.  I was happy with the list overall.  Once I’ve had some more practice with the IG codex I think the Rebel Grots will serve me quite well as an allied force and on their own.

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Those Tanks are insanely awesome. Can’t wait to see how you Grotify them from here. Glad you’re having fun with the IG firepower and that will certainly serve the Orks well. Is there a plan for a Grot Valkyrie/vendetta?

JD Brink

Those ARE awesome. Look like a lot of work to get all that detail.