Team Games

The past two weeks I’ve had the chance to play team games to get ready for the tournament this Saturday and I’ve learned a lot in those two games. The first game was myself with my Necrons and an Ork player against Space Wolves and Sisters. That game had two objectives and me and my teammate split our forces and each went for an objective. We did well with him holding one and me holding another, though the other team got a last minute contest on my objective. We still won and left them only 1 Sister, 5 Long Fangs and a Rune Priest on the board.

Last night I had the same teammate, we both had the same lists, and we played Space Wolves and Space Marines (vanilla). This mission was kill points and so we knew we had to work as a cohesive team in order to pull this off. The plan was set, he’d lead the charge with me giving cover fire, however as the game progressed he was pulling away from me. He was able to get off some charges which pulled him ahead of my Warriors. The couple assaults he won when he took consolidation moves he’d pull even further ahead. What happened was the other team was able to effectively deal with us in two waves, smash the Orks and then gun down the slow moving Necrons after.

We took a loss from last night but I definitely learned a few things, which is all I hope for in a loss. Our plan was solid but my teammate realized, too late, that the timing is crucial. Had he held back a turn longer before charging, even if that meant getting charged, then things would have gone better for us. I’d have been close enough to dive into assault if needed but more importantly I’d have been close enough to fire on the targets he wanted to charge (damn my rapid firing squads and movement). Secondly, I think we’d have been better served with me leading the forces. Putting Orks on the front line with a 6+ save that 99% of any weapon will ignore just didn’t pan out well. Had I lead the attack then I’d be getting 3+ saves with WBB and he’d have received 4+ cover saves through me. Since Necron Warriors can’t take a charge and live to tell about it then I could have put one unit of Warriors up front, probably with the Lord, and the second unit behind his Orks and have them run most of the time to stay with the group. Once close enough they could then hang back and let the gauss fly.

The game has made me consider some changes in my list. I think my list is solid but what it isn’t is flexible and I’m just not used to that. Do I hold to what I have and hope to get a teammate who can work flawlessly with what I have or try and adjust my list to have a bit more flexibility which will work with anyone I get paired with? The problem with Necrons at this points level, just 1,000 points, is trying to do a flexible list. Necrons aren’t exactly the most flexible army to begin with and even less so with what I actually own for them.

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