The Dirty Win

Dirty WinOver the weekend I got in a game against someone at the LGS. He’s pretty new with Blood Angels, coming from Vanilla Marines, but constantly improving his skills with the help of one of the best players at the shop, who also plays Blood Angels. The game we played was seize ground with four objectives using spearhead deployment. I won the roll and opted to go second since it was an objective game and he was mostly deep striking anyway.

Now, the game began pretty evenly. I had his Assault Squad tied up and he was breaking down my armor. I smashed my Assault Termies into another of his Assault Squads and wiped them out, he kept busting up my armor. The tide of the battle changed once the Death Company and Death Company Dreadnought got out of the Stormraven and Dante with Honor Guard showed up in my back lines.

Those two units began chewing through my army. Death Company was breaking down my offensive while Dante and buddies were kicking down my defense. I finally took out his last troop unit in a huge protracted assault that lasted five full turns between our Assault Squads. He had no scoring units left and I had one. My last Tactical Squad, all I had left on the board except for two Assault Marines, was securing an objective and we rolled to see if the game continued. It did not and I won.

I’m not generally one to complain about a win but I just felt dirty about it. I know damn well I played sloppy. I made a big mistake during deployment and recognized it once he began setting up. I was trying to cover my mistake as best I could during the game and, no offense to my opponent, but had he been a better player then I’d have paid dearly and never have taken a win at all. As it was, I was still getting my poop pushed in but a 33% chance for a game end gave me a win.

I can’t feel good about that. My victory was won completely by the roll of the dice. I’ve had some very hard fought games that were won that way, a single dice roll, we all have. The difference for me though is those games were neck and neck. Both of us playing a great game. If you have a game that’s back and forth the whole time against an equally skilled opponent then taking the victory at the hands of a roll or two is often what it comes down, it is a game of odds. When you take a win you know you shouldn’t have, when another turn would have meant complete annihilation of your army, it’s not the same. I did not earn that win.

I did come away from the game with some knowledge and that’s my accomplishment for that game, not the win.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t feel dirty. It’s never one roll. While the random game length roll may have been the culmination, it took a lot of decisions and die rolls in pre-game and over the course of the 5 turns to make that particular roll important.

    • I can’t argue that but it was by no means a glorious win.

  • Anonymous

    Meh, that’s the thing though- you kept your sights on the objective, and he didn’t. It means you outplayed him, in the long run. If he had killed your tac squad, the game might have changed drastically in your favor, since another of your units would have survived.

    I’ve won lots of games when my opponent made a mistake that caused me to win despite his dominating the game in general. That’s what makes objective games so fun- it’s not just ‘who can kill who better’ but instead ‘who can ensure they can hold an objective at the end of the game’.

    That extra element is what separates good players from mediocre.

  • I disagree… if he had had the sense to kill all your troops it would have been a tie… You play the mission…

    That being said, it’s always more fun to have a close game… that is ended with a clear vistor

  • I disagree… if he had had the sense to kill all your troops it would have been a tie… You play the mission…

    That being said, it’s always more fun to have a close game… that is ended with a clear vistor

    • True enough. He did choose to land Dante and Honor Guard beside my Predator to melta it to death instead of landing next to my Tact’s Rhino and taking that out instead. Had he done that then I wouldn’t have won.

  • Sometimes you have to stuggle out those wins and mistakes happen. But 5 turns is a good length for a game. What hurts in a situation like that is if the game ends because you run out of time.

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather win on the last-turn roll, than by running out of time. EVERY game ends on a die roll, or a hundred. Otherwise, we’d be playing tiddlywinks or Scrabble.

    • Thankfully time is rarely a problem at tournaments. Usually only the team games get screwed on time.

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