Gauntlet #1: Bench Warmer

Most every blog has its shtick, right? Well, here’s my conceived one, the Gauntlet. The goal here is to stimulate thoughtful assessment of a situation, a strategy, an idea, whatever it happens to be. You can’t look at things in a new way if you don’t ever try.

Gauntlet: In your next game you need to field a unit that you have never fielded. The reason for not having fielded that unit does not matter. It could be that you don’t own it yet (proxy as needed), or it just never seemed worthwhile to you. Field the unit and report your results, I’ll be doing the same.

I’m going to attempt to come up with one of these every week or every other week and post it up on a Friday. Then, when the next Gauntlet is posted we’ll post our results of the previous Gauntlet in that article. This will give you a deadline to accomplish the Gauntlet. I play every week at the LGS but I know some get to play a lot less frequently, so feedback on how often I should post these is appreciated.

  • Cool idea for a series, I'll definitely try out something new next time I play and report back on my experience. It might be a while though as I'm not getting many chances to play lately, though I am probably not too representative of most gamers in that regard. I'd suggest you try it out at first as a weekly thing and see what type of response you get. Best of luck to you, I really like your blog and am glad I came across it. Thanks!

  • Thanks, I really appreciate it. As a fellow blogger you must know what it's like wondering if anyone is even reading and so it's nice when you find out people do.

  • Well, looks like the next Gauntlet will go up next week. We're doing a campaign at the store and so games aren't the usual, in turn I wasn't able to do The Gauntlet this week and I'll be gone this weekend.

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  • Is this a recurring theme?  I like the idea, but sadly, I don’t know that I play that I haven’t fielded at least every unit variant at least once in.  I guess you could stretch it and say that I’ve never fielded a devastator squad without buying heavy weapons on them or something to that effect…

    No wait, I lied.  I’m pretty sure I still haven’t played with a conversion beamer… well, at least not in 5th edition.

    • I gave up on this series a long time ago as it generated no interest, well other than one person. I ran about six of these before I called it quits.

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