The Inner Voice

Alright folks, I’ve tried to be good and suppress that inner voice but I can’t do it. When I decided to kick off this blog with some of my 40K ramblings I figured I’d be a good boy and keep that voice inside my head quiet. I didn’t want to scare away readers, I wanted to build a base of readers instead. Well, the voice is winning out. I rant and I enjoy it. I try to not be too dick’ish about my rantings and try to keep it founded and not completely off the wall. I don’t rant for the sake ranting…normally.

I see things that just bug the hell out of me. This happens a lot honestly but in the past I’ve tried putting those nagging feelings into a nice thought out article that offered something beyond my simple annoyance. Where this makes sense I will continue to do so but in some cases you just see things and want to complain about them and there’s truly nothing to gain by it. Those type of things I kept off this site but what the hell. Let’s let it all hang out there, shall we?

Top armies. Is there a point to posting these articles? Some sites will periodically update a list of what they feel are the top armies and what are the worst armies. I’m all for reading someone’s opinion on a matter but why do I care what you feel are the top armies right now? It’s too subjective to have any true merit outside of your own local meta. At my FLGS we have a ton of Ork players but in other areas I hear they’re scarce. Right now we have one full-time Blood Angels player, a few toying with them though. No doubt in other shops they are brimming with BA players. When Space Wolves came out we had one guy jump right on them, that was it. We now have two guys who play them regularly.

My point is that if I were to rate the top armies then what credentials do I use? Going based on what I see at a LGS is again too subjective to be of value. You can look at the codex itself, weigh the options and then apply theoryhammer to it. Better yet, you can check out the codex and use your own theory in games to give validity to your thoughts. However, now we’re again back at the local meta level. You may have just play tested your ideas against another army but that other army is not representative of the entire scene for the army they played, are they? Sure, Bob may be good with that army but does he play every flavor of that army? I don’t doubt you can get an idea of things but way too many tout their opinions and findings as fact.

There is the national and worldwide level but I put little faith in that when it comes to determining the powerful armies. Here’s why. This thing you’re on now as you read these words, the internet, it plays a HUGE factor in the tournament scene. You remember a little something called the Leaf Blower list? How many Leaf Blower lists were out there once that spread across the internet? I’m not discrediting the list but instead showing you how one army can have a completely brutal list, such as the Leaf Blower, and that becomes what defines the army and in turn the perceived power of said army. There are so many ways to play IG but that list put them at the top of the food chain in the eyes of many. Do we then rate an army based on its ability to put together a devastating list that the world copies because they hear how good it is?

Where I’m going with this is that flavors come and go and each time they do the tournament scene changes. The fact is people scour sites looking for the next big list for tournaments and when they find it they hold on to it tightly. Others will find it and do the same. You then show up for a big national tournament and half the players there are sporting that particular army and that particular list. This in turn means you’re going to see less of other armies out there, a smaller sampling. Without a large sampling of various armies and various types of lists then how can we rank armies?

It’s all just pointless rhetoric. There are some valid means of trying to measure the relative power of an army. There is no denying that outdated armies have it harder than those who have been updated going into and since 5th Edition. I don’t care, however, where you feel they fall on the food chain though.

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