The Road(block) to the Standish Standoff


Hello all,

Last week I posted my thoughts on a list for the Standish Standoff.  After some thought and discussion I’ve basically settled on a list that features my Rebel Grots (IG) with Ork allies.  This list features a tank-supported front line of around 40 orks and their warboss with plenty of Rebel Grot firepower to back them up.  There’s a fair amount of painting and modeling to be done but not an overwhelming amount.  With that settled I was excited to dig in.

Then something dawned on me:  the Standoff is currently scheduled for a weekend that I will be out of town!  We will be taking our kids to Disney World for the first time and everything has been pre-booked.  It’s not really something I can shift for the sake of a 40k event.  I’m very disappointed by this, even more so because I also had to miss the Fratris Salutem earlier this year.  Well, that’s life.  It pains me to say it but some things are more important than pushing little dudesmen around and tossing dice.

I am still going to stick to the plan of preparing this list for the Standoff.  I missed the Fratris Salutem because at the last minute it had to be rescheduled to a date that didn’t work for me.  Maybe this one will shift and I’ll be able to make the new date.  Even if I don’t make it to the event all of the units on the list are on my ‘wish list’ to have available so at the least I can use the deadline to motivate myself to finish a bunch of models.  I know a lot of the regulars are already building and play testing their Standoff lists so I can always let them sharpen their swords on my list and enjoy some good games in the process.

On the hobby side I haven’t accomplished anything this past week and I don’t expect to accomplish much in the week to come.  We’re wrapping up the last items on the sale of our house and slowly packing up all of our junk.  Next week we’ll move in with my in-laws until we can find a new house.  With a little luck we won’t be there long.  I’ll be able to dig back into my Rebel Grots once we’re there but the airbrush experiments may need to wait until we’re back into a house of our own.  Next week you’ll probably be subjected to another day of random rambling from me but after that I hope to have some more interesting hobby posts for you.

Thanks for reading!

  • I have not even seen a date posted for it yet. Where did you see the date at?

    I thought you found a place you were closing on early September too?

    Damn life and its hobby interruptions!

    • I am quite tired of reality interrupting my hobbies, I’ll have to sit it down and talk about it.

      The tentative packet lists the date at November 9th. I’m sure it’s not set in stone yet so I’m hoping it will move!

      The inspection turned up some troubling issues with the place we were hoping to buy. We would need to drop the current price by about $40k (interesting number there…) to be able to consider buying it and still have the funds to fix up the more urgent issues. So we backed out of the contract and are looking for something else. If we’re still on the market in a couple of months and this place hasn’t sold yet we might try making a lower offer.

      • You’ll be happy to know the 9th is not the date for the Standoff. I believe that was last year’s date, which happened to also be a Saturday this year. They chatted about it on Wednesday and they are looking at the 30th with the 16th being the secondary date.

        • JustHippie

          WOW, I had checked that out with Dave several weeks ago and he thought for sure it would be the 9th again.
          16th and 30th being weekend before and after Turkey day could be rough on participation with folks traveling for the Holiday and getting ready, etc.
          Good news for Tyson(unless the boss says it is too close to Turkey day or “we just got back from vacation”, LOL)

          • We talked about that. Turkey day is on the 21st this year, so it ruled out the 23rd. I can’t imagine people are taking 10 day vacations before or after it, or it would be few and far between.

            • JustHippie

              Depends on how you look at it I suppose. If I left after work on Friday the 15th, take 3 days off work I’d get a 10 day vacation. We actually did Disney that way once and ate Turkey dinner on the road(the kids will never forget that one, we ended up eating KFC). Won’t effect me AFAIK or should I say ‘yet’. LOL

          • Turkey day isn’t much of an issue as we don’t leave the state for holidays. I can see where it would be a problem for a lot of people though. I’m not aware of anything planned for the 30th so that would work, the 16th is my birthday so she’d have to let me go!

            As I said, I’ll keep working against that deadline. Maybe I’ll get to go after all!

  • JustHippie

    You’re doing Disney at the PERFECT time. End of Hurricane season, prices are still at their lowest and the parks are all pretty light(for those parks) on lines and crowds. The biggest problem is it is a GREAT vacation for the kids but parents just get dragged around and exhausted. Try to leave a day to relax with nothing scheduled and just hang by the pool.
    Sorry to hear about the house but sounds like it is for the best. You always hear stories of how folks did their due diligence(inspections) and then later find all kinds of problems with little or no recourse. 40K must have been MAJOR problems. The market is still very squishy and full of stuff for sale I’m sure it will work out.
    Good luck!

    • Chris

      Disney off season is the way to go! Remember to hit the pass computers- you can get passes to the popular stuff for a time certain and skip the lines.

      • JustHippie

        With older kids you can also go back at night and the place is dead with no lines. It’s a good chance to ride the most popular stuff over and over again.

        • Ours are still pretty young, 6 and 9. I’m sure they’ll be up past their usual bed times but not super late. How early does it clear out?

      • I’ll keep that in mind. Short lines are good, no line is even better!

    • I typed a response to this yesterday, but now I see it’s not here. I must have been distracted and closed out without actually posting.

      My wife’s family went in November when she was a kid and had pretty much the same thing to say about it. We reserved a two-room suite so we can have a little time to unwind after the kids go to bed, I expect we’ll need it! We also made sure there is a pool so we can take a low key day if needed. I’m glad to hear your experience supporting our plans!

      The house has a few major issues and a lot of little ones. When we tried to back out the seller urged us to take an extension to negotiate so we’re doing that. I doubt they’ll be willing to meet all of our terms, but if they’re willing to take care of the major items I’m willing to deal with the minor ones. I agree that there are plenty of opportunities in the current market and I don’t want to get bogged down in a money pit. We can move in with my in-laws and I have a great relationship with them, so we can afford to take our time and make sure we get something we’ll be happy with. Still, I’ll take all the luck I can get, so thanks!

      • JustHippie

        My opinion is it is always better to get the money to do the work yourself(hire who you want). When folks need to ‘fix’ something it is usually less than desirable(cheapest way out for them).

        • Warren Falconer

          my roof is testament to that

          • I hear you there.

            I am giving very clear stipulations on what I want done and how I want it done. I will re-inspect everything they do to make sure they’ve met my expectations. If they actually agree to our terms I will make sure the updated contract includes these expectations explicitly, and all work will be required to pass my inspector’s standards (she’s known for being thorough.) My biggest concerns involve removal of items that pose a serious risk or may be covering other issues. It will be easy to verify that they are removed and doing so will make it easier to verify there aren’t other underlying problems.

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