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The Second Coming of Citadel Paints

Citadel PaintsOk, anyone who had read my main blog knows I’m no fan of GW and its current management.  I am however a massive geek for 40K and the Dark Angels in particular.  Today being Easter Monday, it was a quiet day at work and I nipped into town early to see my mate at his shop and swing by GW to possibly get a shot of the new Citadel paints…well, that was my 1st mistake…£70 lighter I have just got home and I am going to do a wee mini series on the second coming of pigment.

First things first, despite the marketing  rubbing many people the wrong way and the promises it made, there were no eldritch spirits in the bottles, nor did any dead relatives visit to cheer me on.  Disappointed but unabashed, I quickly set to taking some pics:

Citadel Paints: Dark Angels
Dark Angels!

The first thing to notice is that the new Warhammer 40K paint set includes plastic Dark Angels with molded shoulders and icons.  I’ll have to say they had my number on this one.   These are my favorite Marines for a multitude of reasons and recently reading the Horus Heresy books detailing the fall of Caliban has just whetted my appetite even more.  My plan for this set is to throw aside as much as possible 20 years of painting experience and try the new Citadel way of working, following the instructions in the pictured booklet to the letter and seeing what the results are like!

I also picked up the new book, I’m watching the DVD as I write this and I have to say it is of extremely high quality.  I have literally nothing bad to say about it.  I have watched most of the painting videos that are on the market at the moment and have found flaws in every one. But, against all the odds, this is clear, concise, and illustrates each technique perfectly.  Damn you GW…I’m supposed to be a hater.

Citadel Paints: Expensive
Expensive but worth it?

IN addition to this, last months white dwarf and the GW website have a recommended pallete for various races, as I’m currently painting Dark Eldar I figured I may as well give that a whirl. If nothing else it gets me out of the funk I have been in with trying to decide on a colour scheme. The paints and the pallete below:

Citadel Paint: Dark Eldar Suggestions
The total cost for this little lot was a shade over £70, for a book, 2 brushes and 15 paints, that is not cheap.  But if you took the book out you’re looking at £40,  drop the miniatures and buy the paints individually and your back down to Vallejo and P3 prices.  And here’s a point, these paints might come in 12ml rather than 17ml bottles, but the idea is you use less.  I know from personal experience that Vallejo and P3 end up more on the pallette than on the mini.  I’m genuinely excited to see how this all pans out, and I’m about to cut Derek from his sprue and do him entirely as if I was a newborn painter.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on track with the social media stuff soon, but I had to ditch Drupal as a platform and I’m currently going with WordPress.  Sometimes swimming against the tide is just too tiring :)

Until then:

Wha’s like us, damn few and their aw deid.

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Looking forward to seeing Derek painted up using their paints and their guide. One question though, does this painting guide at least tell you to prime you models before painting?


The starter box comes with a pot of brush on primer.  I would assume the guide says to use that to start with.


Good call. I just know I’ve seen the images on the back of a box and it shows them putting paint to an unprimed model and it always makes me cringe.


I purchased several dry paints and they worked well. GW marketing and management may not be the finest but this paint release seems to be spot on.


Curious, do the dry paints still get ‘dusty’? You know, the dry brush dust that normal paints create when the brush is about out of paint?


Wow. Separate shoulder pads on starter kit Marines! Are they hollow in the back, or solid?


He didn’t say they were separate, just that they were molded. I’m thinking more along the lines of Battle for Macragge with the molded tactical icons.


Never mind, I guess I didn’t click for a larger view. Impressive.


In looking at it again, it looks like the pads go onto the arms using a push-fit nub, like the backpacks and bolter hands. Odd.


You’re right. That’s new.


Don’t tell FtW Ron or Frontline Gamer or at least some of their ‘fans’ that you’re using WordPress, some folks refuse to see beyond Blogger. ;-)


Ron has visited, I can’t say the same about Frontline though. Hmm…maybe that’s why Frontline doesn’t visit ;)


That starter set is a decent deal, by the time you account for the paints and brush you’re basically getting the five marines for $2.35.  Of course, if you’re not playing marines you’d be better off buying the parts separately.

I am looking forward to your thoughts on the paints.