The Standish Standoff: Tournament Wrap-up

The Standish Standoff - Fate's AngelsAfter months of preparing for it it’s almost sad to see it go. My FLGS, Crossroad Games, hosted its first ever annual large 40K tournament on Saturday. It was a 30 person event with three rounds using soft scores, which is uncommon for us. Our monthly events are straight battle points but this new annual event we wanted to create a more friendly and hobby oriented event. Many of us spent the past four months getting ready for it. Tables had to be built, more terrain created, old tables and terrain repaired, etc. It’s been a long road but the payoff was well worth it.

This will be less about my games and more about the day, however I will of course cover my matches. I played my vanilla Marines, Fate’s Angels, and here’s the list I took for the day. The above image is a shot of my army all ready for round 1.

The Standish Standoff - Luke and I
Luke and I round 1

First match was against Necrons, the same player from this past Wednesday. We were playing Battlefield Superiority. I played this match very defensively. He had a Destroyer Lord with warscythe and Wraiths hiding as a counter-attack unit and so I opted to hang back and shoot most of the match.

The Standish Standoff - Terminators
Terminators go for a snack

Nearing the end of the match I did charge my Assault Termies mid-field to take down a Warrior Squad and inevitably got charged by the Destroyer Lord and Wraiths. That combat stuck for a bit and my Librarian charged another Warrior Squad on his own with the counter-charge unit out-of-the-way. My brain is fuzzy on details and which objectives I achieved, long day, but I know the end result was me taking 25pts to 9pts.

Second match was against Tau playing Special Ops. I got 2nd turn, never fun against Tau, but the first turn wasn’t as brutal as it could have been. I began advancing towards the board center, as my primary mission was securing it, but next turn he downed my Crusader and it really went ass up from there. Those Terminators got into a few assaults during the game and took a metric-ton of fire before eventually dying off. The assaults they got into weren’t crucial as they lost their ride too far from where I needed them. I slowly kept losing key units and had nothing to retaliate with. I needed the mid-field, both for my mission and for my list to be effective, but without it I was struggling. The game ended with Tau taking 23pts to my 8pts.

Final game of the day was against Tyranids. We played King of the Hill. The board setup was pretty dense centrally and I only had a few good lanes of fire. My initial turn of shooting went well enough, thinning down and removing Gaunt shields, but that would be my only effective turn of shooting for the game. He slowly kept advancing and my shooting wouldn’t cooperate. I realized my only chance was to push up all my vehicles to the board center, including my fire support tanks, and just surround that objective to deny it and hopefully claim it. I got there mostly but then they tanks went up from shooting and assaults. A last turn desperation move saw a Tact Squad jump out of a Rhino, after driving over dangerous terrain, jump out into dangerous terrain themselves and run through it to contest the center. That got me some points but still an overall loss with Tyranids getting 25pts to my 10pts.

The Standish Standoff - T-shirt
A cool freebie

Not my best showing at 1-2 for the day but there you have it. All my games were great and the losses looked closer than the numbers would have you believe. In the overall standings I was 13th out of 30. I can live with being in the top half. Really though, it was about a kick-ass day of gaming on an event we all worked hard to pull off. The day itself was awesome. Everyone who went got a Standoff t-shirt, Crossroad Games custom dice and the custom objective markers that Willy cast in resin and ShinyRhino painted, all 75 of them. Lunch was provided and we had a pub quiz during the lunch break. We also had a painting competition during lunch for 25mm, squad, 40mm, 60mm and vehicle/monstrous creature. We had all 30 players for the day too. There was some who had to drop out but we had a waiting list of players anxious to get in who gladly did just that.

The Standish Standoff - Judges' Station
Judges' Station

The day itself ran smoothly. Hard stop times were enforced and breaks were scheduled to ensure smooth game transitions. We had three judges for the day, Ming and ShinyRhino from B&C, as well as Benito. I had a few games were there were questions and the judges were quick to respond and handled things cleanly. I’m sure we’ll get suggestions regarding the event for changes the next time but I’d have to say it was a huge success.

The Standish Standoff Objectives
The cool objectives Willy had cast and ShinyRhino painted

Now, I did not walk away empty-handed. Actually, nobody did on account of the shirts, dice and objectives, but I mean I did get some awards. The painting competition was judged by three people. One was Todd Swanson, a multiple golden daemon winner. Another was Chris, a gamer and artist. The last was Diane who is an artist. They collaborated and selected their favorites during the lunch break.

The Standish Standoff Trophies
The custom made trophies we fought & painted for

The first announced painting award was 25mm, which I won with Librarian Legatus. The second was for 40mm, which I won with Chief Librarian Bercarius. The third was for 60mm and again I won, this time for my Ironclad Dreadnought Brother Strabo! I was honestly shocked to win three categories. I was hoping to win one category to get one of the cool trophies that were made (great job on those Chris!), but three was unexpected. Steve, the Daemon player I play routinely, won best squad and Mike, one of the Dorkamorka guys who drove up, won best vehicle/monstrous creature.

The Standish Standoff: Me - Best 25mm
Me - Best 25mm
The Standish Standoff: Me - Best 40mm
Me - Best 40mm
The Standish Standoff: Me - Best 60mm
Me - Best 60mm
The Standish Standoff: Me
Me with my 3 trophies for painting
The Standish Standoff: Mike - Best Vehicle/Monstrous Creature
Mike - Best Vehicle/Monstrous Creature
The Standish Standoff: Mike with his trophy
Mike with his trophy
The Standish Standoff: Steve - Best Squad
Steve - Best Squad
Steve with his trophy

Then there were the big prizes. Dylan, another Dorkamorka member, won the judges choice award. It was an all-encompassing award that generally boiled down the ‘spirit of the game’. The best general went to Brian Berman and the best overall to Nate Walls/Amberclad, who also won the pub quiz.

The Standish Standoff: Brian - Best General
Brian - Best General
The Standish Standoff: Nate Walls - Best Overall
Nate Walls/Amberclad – Best Overall
The Standish Standoff: All of Us
All of us nut jobs together

If you want to check out some more photos and some well done videos that were shot during the day then check out the Crossroad Games Facebook page. Congrats to everyone and I look forward to the next one.

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I really anticipated you’d win the Squad AND the vehicle with your Landraider.  No doubt Tony you’re the best painter we’ve got!  Maybe you could do a little tutorial/clinic for the FLGS?
Congrats! Well deserved!

Papa JJ

Congratulations, Thor! Wow, three out of five painting trophies is very impressive, nice work. It looks like it was a really good tournament and fun too. Glad to hear everything turned out well.

And yeah, that Necron Tomb Stalker is sick!


my friend Warren and I came down from Bangor to play in the Standoff after the great time that we had at round 2 of the ‘Ard Boyz.  It was a really great event and it was even cooler to see all the different, well painted armies on the table!  I ended up tied for 5th in battle points and 8th overall with my Blood Angels.  I was very happy with that result!  I am already looking forward to next year for sure!