The Usual Suspects: Chaos Marine List, 1250 pts

It seems fitting that I’d come by to post this little blurb at this time, just as everyone else is talking about their chaos armies.  I have here what I thought would be a fun and well-balanced list for 1250 points, complete with mugshots and favored by the Prince of Excess Himself.  (Mugshots don’t have the best lighting, btw.)  I then employed this list against my friend J’s new Tzeentch daemon army.  It’s fair to say that it was a massacre favoring the Lord of Change, though I still think it’s a pretty nice list.  In italicized text below each entry is how they fared in the battle.

(HQ) Baphemut, Daemon Prince of Slaanesh, accompanied by his lover slave Cassandra (spell familiar).  Baph had a chaos boon, was a level 2 psyker (slaanesh and biomancy), and had a 3+ armor save. 

Baph accomplished pretty much nothing when J’s soul grinder instant-killed him with a S10 daemonic gaze (is it me or should DPs have eternal warrior???)

(E) Fun Bags, six chaos marines possessed by daemonettes.

The girls would have charged J’s DP but he was winged and zooming, thus out of reach.  They eventually charged the soul grinder, me thinking I would have my S5 against his rear armor of 11 (thus enough rolls of 6 could glance it to death) but now I realize against a walker it’s front armor so…  they couldn’t have hurt it.  The game ended here.

(HQ) Rasputin, sorcerer and warlord.  He was a level 2 psyker (telepathy and pyromancy) with an aura of darkness (invuln 5+).  With his LD 10 he was the army Warlord.

His only actions all game were to use Puppet Mastry on the soul grinder, seizing control of its 3-shot autocannon to wound the enemy daemon prince, both on the ground and when in flight (it has skyfire mode too).

(T) The Bluebirds of Happiness, 8 CSM, champ with boon and powersword (or very cutty chainsword in this case) and one CSM with plasma gun. 

The Bluebirds and Rasp spent the whole game inside their rhino with only Rasp and the Plasmagunner peeking their heads out the ports.  Not very effective but i figured they’d be quickly killed outside by the two units of 20 horrors that were each throwing 4d6 bolts of magic at me per turn.

(T) The Party Boys, cultists with a flamer and shotgun.

After failing to make their big charge the Party Boys were thoroughly burned to cinders but a unit of Tzeentchy Flamers.

(E) Sirens of Slaanesh, six noise marines.  The champ had a boon, sonic blaster, CCW, and doomsiren.  The rest were equipped with sonic blasters save Molly, who wields the blastmaster.

They got a few shots off but not many before being whittled down to nothing.  Pink horror blasts killed some, the screamers’ fly-by attack others, the Molly was finally killed by the DP’s fly-by talon attack.  I took a little comfort knowing that the DP was removed form the board by the fickle gods in next turn’s warp storm — Slaanesh punished him! 

(FA) Tiamat the Destroyer! (single spawn with mark of nurgle to bolster his toughness to 6.)

Tiamat and the Party Boys were all supposed to charge a huge mob of horrors at the same time but the cultists tripped over their untied laces and didn’t make it.  One spawn against 17 horrors…  Ate two and then was torn to pieces.

(HVY) Big Hank, Defiler.

As usual, I never get to play with my favorite toy!  J got the first turn and scored a S10 AP1 penetrating hit before the defiler could even move — BOOM!  Explosion!!

(HVY) Lefty Barnes, Freelance Obliterator

First casualty of the battle, killed by a hail of horror witchfire while he was peeing in the corner — he didn’t even know the battle had started yet!


I think we called the fight after turn 3, maybe as far as 4 but by then I only had the rhino and it’s cowardly riders and the daemonette-possessees left.  It was a slaughter.  But it was still cool to see the daemons in action!

J. D. Brink

  • Daemons Princes losing ET was a blow, especially now you can’t get to T6 with them. My Defiler dies on turn #1 all the time as well and it saddens me. Spawn are one of my favorite units now, though I don’t run a lone Spawn and instead run them at 5 strong but I realize this was a smaller game. The ability to ignore terrain for everything is their biggest asset. They are a great distraction and tarpit unit.

    Anyway, great to see your army coming along. Chaos has been my favorite army to work with all around: list building, modeling, painting and playing.

    • JD Brink

      Good to know I’m not the only one who can’t keep a defiler in the game. Last time I ran 3 spawn and they were pretty devastating. I used beastmen centaurs for those. I’m thinking about buying some fantasy ogre models, painting them a jaundiced yellow or pale green and calling them spawn. (Mostly want more big uglies in my armies and the S5 T5 fits them well.)

  • Ouch, sounds like a rough game. It sounds like he got the jump on you and picked apart your big threats quickly.

    I like the RT era chaplain in you CSM squad. It’s a great old-school model!

    • JD Brink

      Thanks! That’s like 1st edition chaps. Hard to tell that’s who he’s even supposed to be these days,

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