The Whiner

The Whiner – Play the Game and Stop Complaining!

The whiner comes in many varieties. So many in fact it’s hard to nail them all down. Instead I’ll focus on the primary ones I see but even this is a small sampling.


This is the person who insists that every other codex out there is better than the one he/she is using. Sometimes this player is using an outdated codex and there’s some merit to their words, but the problem is they just like to whine about it.

Other times this person can be using a newer codex, but feels it’s not as powerful as it should be and will spend a great amount of time informing you of this. The fact of the matter is, usually the problem is the player and not the codex.

Peter Pan

The Peter Pan whiner has a grand view of how battles should be fought, an ideal, a dream, and anything contrary to that is crap. These type of people arose in great numbers when 5th hit the scene with reserves for everyone. They began to despise fighting a battle where their enemy wouldn’t began arriving until turn #2, and they couldn’t do anything about it until turn #3. An army should be present and accounted for at the start of the battle, both sides line up, shake hands, and then pommel each other.

Their dislike of how battles are fought is not limited to reserves by any means. It could be that you’re fully mech, you have a drop pod list, the rationale varies person to person. They have this ideal, and any divergence to that disgraces what a battle should be and they will let you know about it.


Very similar to the Peter Pan but their caveat is fluff. Often times the Peter Pan and Pope are combined into an enormous whiner of truly epic proportions, so watch out.


We all have bad games. Games where the dice hated you, your tactics fell through, you enemy had the perfect counter for your list – you name it. The Gleeman will make a point to inform you as to why they lost. That’s all well and good if you’re having a mutual discussion on the finer points of the battle with you opponent to gain some insight. The Gleeman though will repeatedly hammer on what he/she feels is the reason they lost game, truth is irrelevant to them. They will inform everyone at the shop why they lost the game, whether they asked or not, and give a song and a dance. The reason for the loss will almost always be anything beyond their control.

The End

Do you know these people? I’m sure you know of one or two who fit into the categories, or maybe they define a category not yet covered. If they’re in a category all their own then share! Whining about whiners is fun!

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The Whiner – Play the Game and Stop Complaining!
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