What’s on Thor’s Workbench Lately?

Nothing all that special today. I haven’t been posting much hobby stuff lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been hobbying!

I have some work on my Chaos Knight to show soon’ish, but not today. I’m trying to reach a good point on the painting where you can see things coming together. Right now it’s all over the place.

Chaos Bikes – WIP

I did decide to take a break from the Knight, and I started working on painting up 3 Chaos Bikes. I’ve had these assembled and hanging around for too long. Nothing fancy with these guys, just tabletop quality.

I have to pick out the details now, buttons on the handlebars and such, and then get the riders done. Hopefully I can knock these guys out in the next week.

Chaos Predator

Last week I picked up this thing.

An old school Chaos Predator. I’m going to break it down – the gluing is pretty bad – clean it up (including stripping), and put it back together.

I’m a sucker for old models, especially when you can buy them cheap, as I did. I’ll also be removing the Heavy Bolter sponsons and replacing those with Lascannons. Of course, I’ll magnetize it because you never know what new options may come, or what configurations get changed.


Oh, though no pics, I have a Mauler/Forgefiend I’ve put together (mostly). You may have seen him in some of the battle reports. I need to finish getting that assembled, and then get that ready for some paint as well.

Ah, so much to do and so little time.

  • Good to see you are still working away.

    • Never often enough or fast enough though.

      • I think we all feel that way at times. Apart from Mordian, his paint rate is insane.

  • You get the Predator in the”pile” at the shop?

    • Yep. The big trade-in stuff out back. Been wanting a Predator for a while, so figured why not?

      • Definitely. The old models are still great. There some nice old chaos models buried in the piles. Old school noise marines and such, just have to dig.

        • Those old metal sculpts I don’t much care for. I’m all for retro, just not hideous ;)

          • I still like the 2nd Ed Predator with Autocannon, but the Annihilator has never really worked for me. I also find that I like them better if you flip the top plates around (takes a little trimming, but not bad) so that the turret is at the back instead of way up front.

            • iapedus

              Totally agree – its like someone saw a T-34 just before modeling this version and thought ‘hey, that’s a cool look’. 2nd Edition preds are the best, nothing beats that smooth dome turret!

              • You’re right. It’s the turret that really makes it.

            • I’m planning on breaking it all a part anyway to fix some horrible gluing, so what’s a bit of extra trimming to put the turret on the back? I agree, it just looks better with the turret on the back.

          • I’ll check my bitz for you to see if I have the top hatch doors that appear to be missing from your Predator.

            • That would be greatly appreciated. I was just going to try test fitting the current ones (top hatches), and then determine how much trimming I’d need to do.

              • I’ve got a set for you, plus a couple other pieces from the sprue you can use. Can Chaos Predators take HK missiles or Havoc launchers?

                • Awesome. No HK, but yes on Havoc Launcher.

  • Looking good :)

    Always good to take a break and paint something different sometimes :)

    • I’ve learned that I have to take breaks on these big projects. If I don’t, I start getting anxious and want it done. Then I start rushing stuff, making mistakes, etc. If it takes me a year to get that Knight done, because I take breaks for smaller projects, so be it. At least it will be done and I won’t have rushed myself through it impatiently.

      • Yeah man, dont rush it, especially since you know your weakness. It will look fab when finished, and will be well worth the wait :)

        (Ps I havent managed to write my comment on your last article, as I wanted to think about it for a bit. It was a great one and made me think alot, as I understood both points from you and Trellion)

        • Learning patience is one of those nice things that come with age, unlike that hair growing in strange places…

          All good. Thoughtful comments and discussion was the idea.

  • Turkadactyl

    I’ve hit the same wall when painting the big Nid models. A change is needed to stay fresh.

    • I’m all for model painting polygamy ;)

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