Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Cultists (PIP #1)

Chaos Space Marines: Cultists - PIP #1I’m wrapping up the last of my painting for Fratris Salutem next month and that means getting these Cultists completed. This is the last unit I need to get ready.

At this point the painting is done and I’m working on basing. I know the shot isn’t great but I’m feeling lazy :)

Once the basing is done it’s on to the Cultist Champion.


  • Those are looking pretty good.
    I really like the cultist models. I was planning to pick up the DV box for the mini rulebook and an allied CSM contingent for my Rebel Grots. Now that it’s verging on obsolete I probably won’t bother. Maybe I’ll try to pick up the cultists on ebay at some point…

    • Thanks.

      You can buy Cultists in a box of 5 for $10. Of course you can probably get them cheaper off eBay.

      • Yeah, $2 each for 5 of the 12 sculpts. Yay? I don’t know why they don’t sell the two 10-man squads as boxes. The only place to get the specials and leaders is through the DV box.

        Anyway, you can get the 20-man set for less than 30 shipped on ebay.

        • TheRhino

          What do the DV sprues look like? The answer probably lies there. If the cultists are linked or intermingled in with the rest of the Chaos stuff, they probably didn’t bother to make a whole extra mold for those guys.

          • They’re mingled. It looks like there’s a block of six on one corner that contain the 5 that are included in the box set. It’s possible they have the sprues modeled in a cad system and someone just cut the DV sprue down to one corner and cut the sixth cultist from the middle to create a new sprue. That’s just lazy design though.
            The cost of making a larger mold would be negligible compared to the base cost of making a mold at all. There are 4 melee sculpts, 4 shooty sculpts, and one specialist sculpt that can accept one of two weapon options. If they’d put those nine bodies plus both weapons and either one of the champions they could have sold the box for $20-$25 and people would be happier with it than the 5 for $10.

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