Chaos Space Marines: Cultists - PIP #1

Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Cultists (PIP #1)

Chaos Space Marines: Cultists - PIP #1I’m wrapping up the last of my painting for Fratris Salutem next month and that means getting these Cultists completed. This is the last unit I need to get ready.

At this point the painting is done and I’m working on basing. I know the shot isn’t great but I’m feeling lazy :)

Once the basing is done it’s on to the Cultist Champion.


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Those are looking pretty good.
I really like the cultist models. I was planning to pick up the DV box for the mini rulebook and an allied CSM contingent for my Rebel Grots. Now that it’s verging on obsolete I probably won’t bother. Maybe I’ll try to pick up the cultists on ebay at some point…