Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Havocs (PIP #1)

Chaos Havocs: PIP #1This is another one of those units I started painting a long time ago and decided it’s time to get them done. I also wanted a break from the Bikes as they are a bit tedious (no idea how you’ve done so many, TheRhino). I’m going to try them out some more in my games as a cheap fire support unit so I may as well finish them up.

At this point everything is base coated and shaded. I’m in the process of cleaning up the shading from the wash and then it’s on to picking out any missed details and finally highlights. After this I have to get their Aspiring Champion modeled and painted as well as a few bolter Marines to absorb shots.

Comments are always welcomed.

  • Need a bit more photos for critiques…but off the top of my head, I’d suggest hitting up the guns with a different color metal (bronze/gold), or contrasting color, so it’s just not one large single tone weapon.

    • I should have taken another angle for a shot. The missile launchers aren’t so bad but the autocannon is definitely very mono-tone. At this point though I may just call it good and move on so I can get them done. Going forward though I agree. This was a unit I started…a year ago or so. Since then I’ve been adding in a bright bronze to break it up and will on future models with lots of metal areas like this.

      • Aye it was the autocannon that caught that critique.

        Of course critiquing models is always a bit odd…because we see more in photos then we can see in person (unless you grab someones model and hold it right up to your face :) ).

        But ya, a bit of bronze, or spot o color would easily break it up.

        • It is funny how much more you can see in photos. After posting pictures of my own models I often spot details that I’ve missed or little things that I go back and change.

          Anyway, I agree the models look a bit flat but they usually do before the highlights and detail work. If you pick out the ammo belt and casings it will do a lot for the autocannon, as will finishing the skull.

          • I actually gave up on one model. I’d take a photo, see a part that could use some highlight…then I’d hold up the model and try to paint said part, and it was so small i couldn’t make it out. When do the eye upgrades come out again?

            • I used to do that and now I just aim for what looks good on the table. Small imperfections are easily overlooked when seen from a few feet away when dealing with 28mm models.

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