Chaos Helbrute PIP #1

Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Helbrute (PIP #1)

I started building this model in the last Chaos codex and then set him aside when the new one came out. There’s nothing wrong with them in the new codex but with the new toys I really like (Heldrake, Maulerfiend and Forgefiend), the Helbrute has some serious competition and has mostly sat around unused. At one point I put a quick base-coat on the model and then I started playing with a Warpsmith based list lately and figured it was time to get this model done.

As you may notice, I did some conversion work to the model. It’s small stuff, the sarcophagus, some greenstuff skulls and Chaos icons, but I was aiming for simple. Again, when I started this model it was a Chaos Dreadnought, not a Helbrute, so it doesn’t share that melded and mutated look of the current model. Here’s some shots. Sorry, the first one is a bit blurry.

At this point everything is base-coated, shaded and in various stages of highlights. It won’t take me long to get this wrapped up when I find another free moment to work on him.

I do have a DCCW (Dreadnought close combat weapon), arm ready for him but I have to do a little cleanup (modeling), and then get it painted. I’m still hunting down a lascannon for the other side. I have a thing for lascannons and it may be the most expensive option on the Helbrute but I have found it worth it. I don’t field tanks with Chaos so lascannon access is limited for me beyond Obliterators.

In other news, I got five Cultists painted and completed over the weekend. I’m going to wait until the entire unit is done before I do a showcase on them, which may be a few weeks.

Update: He’s done. See the Helbrute painting showcase.

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Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Helbrute (PIP #1)
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