Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Lord Soulgore (PIP #2)

SoulgoreI’ve had some free time lately to work on Soulgore and am slowly chipping away at him. I could likely have actually had this model done by now but I’m taking my time and thoroughly thinking through all my choices. I have no reason to rush through it either so I’ll take my time and enjoy working on him.

As you can see I have put down some more base coating. Right now I’m working through my color choices for everything, which is why not everything is base coated yet or certain things complete. I tend to bounce around a lot with larger models like this and testing things and then I bring it all together later.

SoulgoreI got the axe arm mostly complete. I washed it and cleaned that up and free-handed a star of Chaos on the shoulder. I still have to highlight the blue and metallic parts on the arm itself. The axe is pretty much done at this point as well.

The saddle and straps I was musing over for a while and I’m happy with the choice there, terracotta. It will get a brown wash later to tone down the red (though it’s far less red in person), in it a bit but I think it will work well with the bull once his “skin” is done. I was debating a dark brown for the saddle and straps but I think it would get lost on the model.

Speaking off the skin on the bull, you’ll notice some work there. I did a quick dry brush just to get a feel for it and I think it will work out well. I’m planning on two layers of dry brushing and then another two layers of highlights by hand in selective spots.

SoulgoreThe last thing I’m thinking through is the skin color on Soulgore himself. I could do something Slaaneshy, go for really light tones like someone who hasn’t seen sunlight in forever or something else entirely. I know I don’t want to do a flesh tone and I also won’t do black, it would blend in too much, or red, which would blend in with the bull. Darker and medium blues would blend in too much as well. I could go funky with an electric blue but I don’t see that working either. I could ramble on but what do you think?

Overall some pretty decent progress on Soulgore. I’ll have cleanup to do once the base coating is done and then I’ll finish the dry brushing on the bull then move on to washing Soulgore and taking it from there.

I also shot a quick, and rough, video of the model for the hell of it.

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Is that a dark brown on the Bull or red? It is a great looking model.


That’s a great conversion and the paint is looking good so far. This will be a very nice focal point for your army!