Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Lord Soulgore (PIP #4)

Chaos Lord Soulgore: PIP 4-3I haven’t had a ton of time lately to work on Soulgore but I have made some noticeable progress. The legs and arms are all done. I have to wrap up the torso & head and then Soulgore himself is complete. Once I wrap him up it’s back to the bull to finish that off. He’s getting very close to being done.

I’m happy with how he’s coming out. I really wasn’t convinced on the head for the longest time but I stuck with my gut and left it on. Once I got the paint and a wash on there I was sold. I still have to layer it up and stuff but at this stage the model is finally coming together. It’s always nice to reach that tipping point where a model goes from concept to reality and for me it was getting that head to the stage it’s at now.

  • I like it! The purple goes will with the other colors you’ve used and mixture of Khornish and Slaaneshi themes fits the undivided nature of your force.

    • Thanks. I pondered that head color for so long. Should I do something funky and unique that isn’t a color related to a god? I couldn’t come to a color conclusion in that regard and ultimately went with what the original plan was, something Slaaneshy. As you said, he’s on a juggernaut of Khorne and is seemingly blessed by Slaanesh so that’s undivided and it works.

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