Soulgore WIP #2

Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Lord Soulgore – WIP #1

I’ve actually done a few prior WIPs of this model I’ve been working on forever but this is the first time it’s actually taken shape where I’m happy with it. Soulgore is my Chaos Lord who rides a Juggernaut of Khorne, however, where I play an undivided Chaos warband I wanted something that wasn’t god specific. Instead he rides a bull, as you’ll see below.

Originally I thought I could pull off creating riding legs from standard legs, with some work of course, but I quickly found out it was not going to work. Well, more like it wasn’t worth the effort when I could work off something already posed correctly. Khorne Inquisitor was nice enough to give me some Warriors of Chaos sprues with a rider.

Using these legs was a HUGE time saver. I’m also a fan of the Chaos fantasy line and like the blend of fantasy and 40K, though I know some do not. I had to do some green stuff work to fill gaps mostly since the bull’s back is pointed. Right now the torso is just blue tacked on there and later I’ll need to green stuff the chain mail to meet the torso since the torso is a hair smaller than the fantasy one.

With this part mostly done I finally feel like the model is getting somewhere. I’ll likely do some green stuff work to detail the model some more and make it more Lord-like.

Update: You can see the model completed in my Chaos Lord Soulgore showcase.

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Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Lord Soulgore – WIP #1
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