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Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Marines & Helbrute

Chaos MotivationalI have the weekend pretty well free so it’s time to sit down and crank out some painting. It’s a rare occasion that I get a weekend to myself so I’m going to utilize the hell out of it. I have lots of ambition about all the work I’m going to accomplish but I know that I won’t get all of it done. If I get half of it done though I’ll still be doing good.

So, here’s a shot of what I’m working on now: more Chaos Marines and a Helbrute. From my previous workbench article, I finished and sealed 3 CSM from that and the other 3 CSM from that are the ones you see in the front here almost done; just wrapping up basing. As you can tell the 3 new CSM in this shot just got to my bench.

Chaos Space Marines #2 WIP 2The Helbrute is a simple revamp of the Black Reach Dreadnought that I started working on a long time ago now, modeling anyway. I kept it simple. I just threw some base colors on him last night to get a feel for how it was going to look and I’m digging it. I do have to find arms for a reaper autocannon and a missile launcher though and sadly I have no useful bits to convert/create either.

So, that’s where things are this morning and I’ll be plugging along on this today and we’ll see where I end up by tomorrow.

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I like the Helbrute. Simple but effective. Will you leave the face half-toned? It might look cool if you painted it like the muscle/fleshy parts of the oblits and heldrake.