Disciples of Twilight Paint Scheme

Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Marines WIP #2

Disciples of Twilight Paint SchemeIt doesn’t look like it but I have made a lot of progress on these guys since last week. The armor is now all base coated and the half scheme cleaned up. Now I need to do some more clean up on the sombre grey, pick out details, do some washing and highlighting. It’s the base coating on these guys that takes all the time, getting all that trim, so I’m into the home stretch.

Chaos Marines WIP #2It’s also taken a bit longer because I’ve decided to change things up a bit from the first five of these I’ve done, my early prototypes. My earlier ones had black for the soft joints, belt and vents on the backpack. I replaced that with more metallic. The black looked good but on the black side of the half scheme it created black on black and things get lost. By replacing that with metallic I’m not only keeping areas from being obscure, I’m also only using the black for half of the armor. Meaning, it gives the black half of the scheme more impact as it’s the only black where before it blended a bit. It will be more clear when I get these guys a bit closer to completion.

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These are coming along nicely. It’s funny sometimes how much work goes into a model before it starts to look like anything. There’s usually a tipping point where it switches from a muddy looking mess to looking like a decent model. Your picture is a great example of that. Although the colors applied are clean most of these guys look dull and unfinished. However, the one with red lenses is suddenly coming alive. That one detail is enough to take it from an unfinished model to a passable table top quality.


I agree too. They are looking good but at this point lack that special “something” that makes them come alive and look finished. I find that in my painting too. Once i have the base colors on they look like clowns, then after the washes and drybrushing and last details I say, “Oh thank the Emperor, it worked out after all.” Hmmm… I actually have a good example of that i could post here as of yesterday…