Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Marines

After having wrapped up my Greater Daemon of Slaanesh it’s time to get back to building. Right now I’m working on getting 5 Chaos Marines together and 5 Chosen. I’ve been proxying them but there’s no need to since I have the models; I just need to get them together. So, here you see the progress as of this morning. I’m hoping to have them ready for Wednesday, which is 40K night at my FLGS. I may not need them for that night but at least it gives me a deadline.

Chaos Marines - Workbench

After that I need to wrap up 2 Chaos Rhinos that are both in progress. It won’t take me long once I sit down and work on them but it’s another project I’ve been putting off. I can’t help it, I hate cleaning mold lines. Though Rhinos really aren’t that bad.

I also have a metal Daemon Prince I put wings on that I need to finish doing greenstuff work on. I put on the plastic Prince wings and am working on sculpting the musculature to attach them to the metal body. It’s going well but yet another project that I began and haven’t finished yet.

From there it will be back to painting. I think my Obliterators will be the next unit since there hasn’t been a list I’ve built since playing Chaos that didn’t contain them.

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