Chaos Maulerfiend: PIP #1-1

Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Maulerfiend (PIP #1)

I have owned this model since it came out; it was my first purchase for the new Chaos codex. I use it a ton too so it deserves to get painted finally.

These shots came out pretty crappy but you can see I’m working on the main body at the moment because it’s going to take the longest. The arms and stuff will fly by compared to this. Everything on the Maulerfiend is magnetized, which makes painting so much easier and lets me swap him as a Forgefiend. At this stage the base coating is done and the shading is done on the main body.

From here I need to get the fiery glow going on the stomach and the smoke stack faces. Then on to highlights and final details. I should have this guy knocked out in the next few weeks.

Update: Check out the now painted Maulerfiend.

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Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Maulerfiend (PIP #1)
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