Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Maulerfiend (PIP #3)

At this stage the Maulerfiend is done and I’m just working on the basing, as you’ll see below. Not a lot to say other than I’m glad to be done with this thing. Like the Heldrake, I really like the model but painting it was a chore. This was nowhere near as aggravating to paint as the Heldrake but it definitely comes in second. As much as I would like to get a second Maulerfiend for gaming, I think I’ll hold off for a while. I don’t have it in me to do another one so soon.

A few of these shots are sketchy. I’ll get better shots once the basing is done.

  • TheRhino

    Looks good. What’s the deal with his little tail thingies? Are those organic, or metal? Some of them have metal ends, others do not.

    • Thanks.

      It’s a combination of metal and organic but I opted to paint them organic. It’s a huge pain in the ass to pick out the metal there and I just liked how it looked all organic colored so I left it alone. None of them are painted with a metallic end but the wash is certainly heavier on some than others so it’s not as pink’ish as the rest.

  • Looks good. I like the glowing vents. The OSL effect came out well and the orange is a nice contrast to the cooler palette across the rest of the model. Well done!

    • Thanks.

      I’m pretty happy with how this came out. It was also the last big piece I needed to get done for FS, which is a big sigh of relief.

  • JD Brink

    That thing looks great! i continue to be impressed by how well you split that two-tone look on your guys.

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