Disciples of Twilight Emblem

Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Rhino WIP #3

Disciples of Twilight EmblemI’m still plugging away on the Chaos Rhino. I have the free hand done, unless I decide to add more, and everything is base coated and shaded now. I’ve begun some of the highlights, which you’ll see, but I’ll need to go back in and clean some of those up later.

I’m making good progress but as always it’s slower than expected and desired. I’m also not exactly the fastest painter either.

The lamp washes out the shots a bit but it’s WIP and quality shots will come once this sucker is done.

I forgot to put the back hatch on in the first two shots, oops. The hatch isn’t done yet. I’ll be adding something to it soon. I also still have to get the front hatches done. The parts that don’t get glued on like that I tend to do later once the vehicle is done.

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Nice. I can’t remember…are you planning battle damage or weathering on this force?


looks great man i like the split colors your normal chaos marines going to have the split as well? I have not actually seen them yet. rather I have only seen your slaneesh prince and obliterators