Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Sorcerer (WIP #2)

Last time I had cut the arms off and filled in the arm joints so I could magnetize the arms. Since then I’ve done that, magnetized the arms, done some hole repair in this lovely “Finecast” material, and did a little more green stuff work to blend the Fantasy sword arm into the power armor a bit. The head in these shots is not glued if it looks a bit limp.

The last thing I need is to get a winged backpack to represent a jump pack and he’s done.

Update: You can check out the completed model in the Chaos Sorcerer showcase.




  • TheRhino

    Not a huge fan of that sword arm pose. It looks a little awkward. Marine kits have trouble making the straight up arm thing work due to the way shoulder pads go on.

    • The original plan was to cut off the hand with sword and transplant it. I opted to try out the arm and I agree, it’s a bit off. I was wondering if someone else would say something :)

      • TheRhino

        It’s the upside down shoulder pad that really throws it off. I think that arm works for fantasy because they don’t use big pads.

        • Warren Falconer

          I don’t know if it is even the shoulder pad so much as the arm just looks way to big. If he stretched out both of its arms it looks like the sword one would be a 1/4 of an inch too long it could just be the perspective on the pictures though.

          • The arm is larger and longer. I had not really noticed it until you said something.

        • khorneinquisitor

          Warriors of chaos do use large pads. However, that arm is from the chaos knight set. Think of knight pointing with his sword and then you have that. I agree, it looks a little off. It’s a simple fix though. Make a bend at the elbow and then GS the joints a little.

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