Chaos Terminator WIP 1

Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Terminator (WIP)

In an effort to get models ready for an event at the end of this month, I started working on this Chaos Terminator. I did finish off the last Obliterator I needed but forgot to get a shot of him.

This model is 99% done, I just have to go back over and make sure I didn’t miss anything before basing it. One of the arms is almost done and the other I have not started yet but the arms go quickly. I was hoping to get this model done by today but it’s not looking like that’s going to happen…ah well.

Once this guy is done I have one more Terminator and I’ll be ready for the event and that will also finish off my Terminator unit to have them fully painted finally.

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Looking good, I’d like to see him with the arms. The eyes are nice.

Get some shots of the oblit!


Can’t wait to see him finished its lookin fantastic.


Looks great. You might consider going just a TINY bit lighter/brighter on the highlights of the ropes on his spike racks in order to give them some more definition.


I just Love your paint scheme on this army!


Double plus. I only looked at the small pics and didn’t realise the amount of work that you’d done until I looked at them in full size. Nice work!


Nice job on the glowing eyes! I’ve been trying to figure out how to do that without it just being a big unilateral blob of color.