Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Warpsmith Grimtech (PIP #1)

As the base was drying on my Maulerfiend last night I decided to begin working on Grimtech, my Chaos Warpsmith. I’m pretty excited to work on this model. I put a ton of time and effort into converting him and he’s my favorite model I’ve created yet.

Not a ton to see in these shots, just some base coating and shading, but it’s a start. I snapped these shots quickly this morning with my phone so quality is grainy and not so great.

Update: The model is done! You can see the painted Warpsmith.

  • So far he looks…two-toned ;)

    The conversion is great, I’m looking forward to seeing it painted up.

    • hah, yeah, very two-tone. Not much will change there with this part of the model beyond picking out helmet lenses. I’m saving the mechatendrils until after this part is done because that will be the more fun part to work on.

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