Chaos Warpsmith Grimtech: PIP #3-2

Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Warpsmith Grimtech (PIP #3)

This time around I wanted to show the backpack and mechatendrils for my Chaos Warpsmith, Grimtech. It’s very close to being done in these shots, just some finishing touches left.

The quality of these shots is not great. I need to work out better lighting when I do this as my camera is having a hell of a time focusing.

I’m really happy with how this is all coming out. Finally getting paint on a conversion really brings things together. It’s a bit hard at times when it’s all plastic grey and greenstuff to envision the final product.

I struggled a bit on what to do with this backpack and the mechatendrils. I wasn’t sure what color I should do the cabling for the mechatendrils and the ends of them and finally settled on what you see. Ultimately I wanted everything to blend together while being slightly distinguished. I used Runelord Brass for the ends of the mechatendrils, washed with Nulin Oil, and like the result. It’s a brighter brass color that I think works well in blending in with the gunemetal of the cabling while standing out a bit from the rest.

The next time I take shots of Grimtech it will be the finished product, hopefully.

Update: You can see the fully painted Warpsmith.

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Cool! Doc Ock, watch your ass!


Looking good! I can’t wait to see it all come together.


Very cool. Are there wire armatures under the tentacles, or are they pure Greenstuff?

Stealthy Stealth