Thor’s Workbench: Counts-as Juggernaut of Khorne (WIP #1)

For my Chaos Marines I’ve come to love the Chaos Lord on a Juggernaut with the axe of blind fury. It’s hard not to love that setup because it just brutalizes damn near everything. I spent forever trying to find a Juggernaut that A) wasn’t the old, old version or B) way too expensive. Neither happened and instead I found this model.

This is the brass bull and it’s a model by Reaper. Our FLGS stocks a big supply of Reaper models and I’m always going through them because there’s so many random cool things. When I stumbled upon this I knew I had what I wanted. My Chaos Marines are undivided and using this model keeps that undivided nature apparent on the table.

Juggernaut Gallery

Here’s a few shots as it stands now.


The basis of the saddle is there and right now I’m working on the billet strap, filling in the graps from the ‘scales’ of the bull near the strap. Once I get that done I need to finish off the saddle, some touch up work and details, and then get the stirrups ready.

I still need to find some suitable parts for my Chaos Lord though. I think I’ll end up using the basic parts from the Chaos Marines box and then just detailing things out with greenstuff.


The entire model is completed and you can see the full Chaos Lord on Juggernaut showcase.

  • Something different, dude. Be interesting to see how it turns out.

    • Hopefully it turns out great so I haven’t wasted my time ;)

  • TheRhino

    You might also look at the new legs for Thunderwolf Cav. The legs might be pretty easy to Chaos-ify. That would give you a good basis to build from, without requiring massive cutting and reposing of standing legs.

    • I have some that I’ve already cut but I have not tried positioning them yet. If I find it to be a huge pain in the ass then that’s likely what I’ll do; grab some SW rider legs.

  • I second TheRhino’s suggestion. TWC legs have good positioning for this and would be easy to chaos-ify.

    Given his gaming history you could also slap a spawn on there and call it good ;)

    • I’m hoping the Chaos gods will be pleased with the conversion/build and stop that whole Spawn business :P

  • JustHippie

    Quite the project. Hard enough to do a normal conversion of mounting on a Juggernaut. This should be awesome when it’s done.

  • JD Brink

    Awesome choice! Harkens to Greek mythology and looks badass doing it! I actually have an old-school jugger and while i like the classic look… just looks dumb next to the new ones.

  • JD Brink

    and Thor: SO SORRY about the blog overlap! the darn calendar function wasn’t coming up so i just took the chance. Like the new format though!

    • No worries. I forgot I disabled the calendar when I was doing some work. I’ll get that turned back on.

    • New format: Thanks. Still tweaking things but it was time for a change!

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