Thor’s Workbench: Cultists WIP #2

Disciples of Twilight EmblemI’m continuing work on my Cultists, trying to get the unit done. The first five are done and will get sealed today. This batch has four as I save the Champion to do last and give him some more attention than his squad. Here’s a quick shot of them.

Chaos Cultists - WIP #2At this stage things are mostly base coated, though the skin needs a few more coats and I have to go back and pick out details. Next step will be cleaning up my mistakes and then it’s into the home stretch. Since I’m doing these guys quick and easy I’ll be relying on washes so at the moment things are looking pretty flat.

Should have these guys done in the next few days, time permitting.

  • TheRhino

    Too lat enow, but are the arms on the heavy stubber guy able to be changed for angle? The ammo belt not following gravity bugs the crap out of me, like it does on any other ammo belt model.

    • No alterations on these at all. Everything is meant to only go together one way. I’m sure I could have made it work but the gravity bit doesn’t bug me, though I know what you mean though.

      • You could twist it downward. Ammo belts can be a bit stiff along the axis of the bullets so it’s ok if the few nearest the weapon ‘defy’ gravity and it wouldn’t take much bend to make it look more natural.

        • True but I don’t mind the gravity defying nature of it, Rhino does ;)

          • Maybe, but I’ve heard it’s a bad idea to anger a rhino…

          • You could also mount him on a base that skews his stance…

  • Epaminondas

    What do you use for a seal coater? Discovered my testor’s dull coat spray is dead, time to find a new one!

    • I use Krylon’s flat sealer. They have two versions though, so be careful. One is an artists flat sealer (label is obvious), for canvases and paper, and that one is temperamental and prone to ‘foggy’ finishes (DO NOT use this one). The other is their ‘normal’ flat sealer and that’s the one I use and have never had an issue with it.

  • These are looking good so far. I like the color selections you are using with your chaos models.

    • Thanks. It’s one reason I wanted to work on these guys as my cult units are in cult colors and it’s my undivided using this scheme. So, at the moment I don’t have much of these scheme on the board yet as I focused on cult units last edition.

      • The small sea of these guys should go far in unifying your color scheme. This in turn will help your cult troops pop more. I’m looking forward to seeing a painted army.

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