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Thor’s Workbench: Daemon Prince #2 – Hobby WIP

Work in ProgressI got this model over a year ago and immediately began working on it. I hate metal models but I love this Daemon Prince sculpt. After a while I finally snagged wings off eBay for cheap enough and got those pinned on. A few months later I began doing the green stuff work to sculpt the wings in and since then it has sat untouched.

Last week I began working on it again since November is fast approaching and my FLGS’ large 40K tournament with it. I know the Chaos codex is rumored soon but I have so much painting to get done that I need to try to settle on a list now just for the sake of knowing what needs to be painted. This of course means I plan to use the Prince and so I finally wrapped up the sculpting and am ready to get it primed and start painting. Here’s some shots to show the wings as the rest of him is stock.

I tried to blend in the wings to the existing model, which took some work. I had to create the musculature from the body and blend it into the wing ‘arms’. Since I wasn’t using the backpack exhausts (they would get in the way of the wings), I just went for something simple and created fleshy ‘armor’, much like is seen elsewhere on the model. It kind of looks lousy this close in the camera I’m noticing but it does look better at a distance and for sure once it’s painted.

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I lie this more than all those deamon princes that are ALWAYS giving you the middle finger.

Warhammer 39,999

The metal version is so much better than the new plastic model. Lookin’ good…


Love to see it painted and I think the sculpting is quite good.


Looking good! Are you planning to paint this in a similar scheme as the other one, or are you going to make them more individual?