Thor’s Workbench: Daemon Prince #2 (WIP #2)

Daemon Prince 2-5A few days ago I put up some shots of my last Daemon Prince all ready for priming. He’s since been primed and is now in the early stages of painting. Here’s a few quick shots of him. Usual disclaimer, lighting kind of sucks as it’s early morning and these are just WIP shots, blah, blah, blah. Though they are a bit better than my normal WIP shots.

The armor is completely base coated at this point, though the color halving needs some clean up in spots. The organic nature of the armor made for a lot of work, at least more than I was expecting. I’m working on picking out the details right now, the bones, skulls, chains, etc. There’s a ton of detail on this model and it’s going to take a while to get everything picked out and painted.

You probably noticed the orange on his head and his left hand. I’m trying to decide on a skin color for him. I’d prefer to stay away from god specific colors as my Chaos Marines are undivided. Orange sprang to mind and I’m also considering a deep purple as well. I’m just wondering if the purple will blend in too much with the armor where the orange would really pop. My other Prince is a white/blue skin tone, so aiming to stay away from that too. Thoughts?

Thursday and Friday I’ll get a chance to sit down and do some serious painting before Saturday’s tournament so my goal is to have this model complete.

  • JustHippie

    That looks like Chrome paint on the armour will it get a wash to tone it down? Kind of hard to avoid God specific colors really. I try to just make sure it fits in my army as a whole. I’ve always wanted to try an Albino flesh scheme but haven’t done it. That could be nice with your Blue/black. Orange is going to be too HOT against your cool blue grey scheme IMO. I’d stay with cooler colors for the skin.

    Seriously done Saturday? That’s optimism right there.

    • It’s all going to get a wash. I just start super bright so it tones down to a chainmail color once washed.

      I sort of have albino with my other Prince, just has some subtle blue tones to it. Probably going to try the dark purple and see what I think.

      Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t pull it off by Saturday but I’ll have all night Thursday and Friday. I may not get him 100% done and sealed but probably 90% done at least.

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