Daemon Prince #2 - WIP1

Thor’s Workbench: Daemon Prince #2 (WIP #3)

Daemon Prince #2 - WIP1This Daemon Prince is taking way longer than I had anticipated – typical. I wasn’t sure what color to do his skin when someone suggested I do the inverse of my other Daemon Prince and I thought it was a great idea. To the left is where I left off with him, things pretty well base coated but skin and wings untouched. And here’s some shots of him as I left off last night.

I’d explain what is in what step in the process but it’s really all over the place. I kept bouncing around at first just to see things brought together and then went back and started the process normally. So, some things are highlighted, some based and shaded, some not touched, etc.

Anyway, I think he’s coming along great if I say so. Once I got some layers on there I was happy to see my green stuff work blend in well.

I was hoping to get this model done this week but that won’t happen. I’ll be gone from Thursday to Sunday, 9-year wedding anniversary is this Friday. Next week is also another long weekend/short week with time away and a bachelor party. Maybe another few weeks before I wrap this one up.

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He’s already good enough to max out painting scores so unless you plan to enter him in a individual category you can base him and get going on the rest of your CSM force.
I didn’t think the red flesh would look this good against your blue/black but I guess it is dark enough that it works well.
Now that they will be 200+pts each I wonder how often you’ll field both? I supposed hope for that Boon roll and have him ready.

Warhammer 39,999

He’s kind of got a “Captain America” theme to him–I’m guessing that isn’t intentional though?

The armor really looks sharp.