Thor’s Workbench: Daemon Prince #2 (WIP #4)

I’m so very close to being done with this Daemon Prince. I’d say he’s 98% complete at this stage. Everything is base coated, shaded and highlighted. Really I’m just picking out the last few details and doing some finishing touches. To the left is where I left off with him before some painting last night.

On to the pictures.

I decided to try something different with the sword. I have been using a technique on power weapons that looks good, but I wasn’t 100% happy with and it’s been bugging me. However, I didn’t want to go back and redo power weapons, some for a third time. With such a big weapon, and one I haven’t already committed a technique to, I figured it was my chance to experiment and I really like the result.

It’s brighter than my previous techniques, and ultimately I think that’s what makes the big difference. It adds a nice contrast to the dark tones of the model. The darker power weapon method, though cool, just wasn’t cutting it.

Now, as time permits, I’ll need to redo a few previously painted power weapons for consistency.


  • JustHippie

    I’m going to say “Holy bright swords Batman!” in hopes that it is just overpowering in these pics. I will be interested to see it in person tom’w night. From a distance it looks good(small thumbnail) but when I zoom in it draws all my attention to the sword.

    • Good. I want my power weapons to draw the eye. The more subtle methods I tried just didn’t have the impact I wanted.

      • JustHippie

        I’m going to mildly disagree, your Stormshields and TH’s on your Muhreens got all kinds of attention and comments.:p

        • I meant on Chaos. I’ve done a sword and fist so far in the darker method and I really didn’t like it. It’s one of those artistic things where it didn’t ‘feel’ right to me.

          My loyalist Marines and their power weapons are a completely different technique and I agree that the technique used there works well coming up from a dark color. It does get really bright too but it’s grounded in warmer tones.

          • JustHippie

            Gotcha! That Blue/Black is SOOOOOO sweet I’m really jealous. Hope I come up with something nice for my detachment. I’m probably doing just Cultist for now to keep the detachment cheap(points wise) so I can fly my Heldrake.

            • Barebones Cultist unit and Lord/Sorcerer probably won’t run you much beyond 150pts.

              • JustHippie

                +170 Heldrake so I’m looking at 320+ which isn’t bad. I’ll also be looking into Icons I can deep strike off. It will be a slow growing force for me.

                • Currently Lords/Sorcerers can take personal icons for 5pts. I expect that to remain pretty much the same. No idea of course on the unit icon costs yet though.

  • I agree with JustHippie that the sword pulls a lot of focus. It sounds like that was your intent so job well done! The rest of the model also looks very good. I think the overall effect is “what the hell is that giant thing…and what the hell is that thing it’s swinging at me!”

    • Heh, thanks. Sounds like Princes will be able to take daemon weapons in the new codex (extra attacks? Yes please!), so I think this will fit the bill just fine.

      • JustHippie

        SMASH is just so much fun, who needs a daemon weapon.

        • For those 2 wound T5 models, agreed, but when you need to wade through a unit of normal Marines then having up to 11 S6 attacks at AP2 is handy as well :P

          • JustHippie

            The smash for me is to bust open tanks. Roll to hit, then just roll result since it is usually a pen and +1 for AP2 weeeee. Plus I have screamers with 3 base S5 AP2 attacks for 25 pts so why use a 200+ pt model.

            • Because I don’t play Daemons and I need an HQ so he may as well kick ass at his job :P

              • JustHippie

                Just keep him in reserves so he doesn’t get his head blowed off turn 1. Be nice to get to swing that glowing sword once.

  • Barbie called; she wants her sword back.
    Would be interested to see some better detail pics of the OSL effect, if you have them. I never managed to pull that one off, myself.

    • Barbie can’t have it back because the Prince mangled her body to get that sword.

      I’m way behind in taking shots of completed models but he’ll get a few proper shots soon. I’m no pro on OSL but I keep trying.

  • Looks awesome! I like the color contrast between the red flesh and the blue-highlighted armor. and really like the level of detail!

    • Thanks. He’s since been finished off and one of these days I’ll get some shots of him.

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