Thor’s Workbench: Daemon Prince WIP #3

A quick update on my Daemon Prince. At this stage I’m working on the skin and I have most of the skin close to completion. I haven’t touched the white/blue skin yet for the wings, that’s next, but I’ve hit the rest of the skin. The final touch on the skin will be some extreme highlights where appropriate.

The technique I use on the skin is not typical. I didn’t want his skin to be a more normal approach of layering up with smooth transitions. Instead I wanted something more bold, more rigid, to lend him a more menacing look. I personally really like the technique but I’m sure others may not.

Once I wrap up the skin it’s just a matter of a few details like the teeth and claws/bone. I should get this model finished up by this weekend.

Update: All done – the Daemon Prince is painted.

  • I like it! The black wash gives it a gritty, oily look. It also pulls the skin tone more toward the darker tones of the armor and wings.

  • therhino

    Not too bad. Final verdict will have to wait for those extreme highlights you mentioned.
    I’d recommend you go to white on that sword, though. The purple glow/effect is good, but effects like that always look best when they go all the way to white highlights.

    • True. A black metal would need brighter highlights and then add in a glow and it makes sense.

  • I like that, dude, coming along nicely, will look nice once some slightly brighter shades of highlights have gone on.

    • Appreciate it.

      Yeah, those last few highlights really tend to pull everything together.

  • Sean

    Looking good.

  • Hippie

    Looking good!
    Read the skin first skin paragraph skin again skin.

    • Thanks and shut it :P

      • hippie

        Or SKIN it!

  • Scuba Stephen Morgan

    looks badass!

    • Thanks!

      I’ve since finished him but I have yet to get any final shots of him. One of these days.

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