Thor’s Workbench: Daemon Prince WIP (Update #4)

Daemon Prince: Work in ProgressI had to set aside my Daemon Prince to put together a Chaos Sorcerer, and to take a break from him. I’m trying to avoid getting burned out working on the Daemon Prince as it’s been quite a time consuming model so far. I tend to get impatient and my work sloppy if I don’t take little breaks on long projects.

Anyway, I did do some work since I last put up shots so I just snapped a few quick ones to toss up here. All of the skin is now shaded and base coated and awaiting the final highlights. I began working on the highlighting for the armor too and have most of that done. It’s very close at this point to being complete. A few things to wrap up and then the details. However, knowing me, I’ll drag that out for a few weeks.


  • Lookin’ good; although you’re right in that it doesn’t seem like much progress. But still, any progress is some progress. If these updates keep you inspired, keep ’em coming.

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