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Thor’s Workbench: December 13th

I’m in a big slump lately with hobby stuff. I recently moved my painting area to somewhere that made more sense but at the same time also put it further from reach. Before it was in front of me constantly and now I need to make an effort to go paint. It’s like going to the gym. You take a few days off from it and you find it hard to go back and make time for it.

In an effort to motivate myself, and to expand the type of stuff I post, I’m going to start posting up my workbench here. Here’s the list of stuff I’d like to accomplish by Saturday because I have a tournament and would love to see this done for it.

1) Put the final highlights on my five Plague Marines and base them.
2) Finish assembling Chaos Rhino #1.
3) Assemble Chaos Rhino #2.

I aim to get shots of my Plague Squads up once fully completed.

I also have this guy I need to finish. I wanted to test out my paint scheme for Disciples of Twilight, my Chaos army, and got most of the base coat on. He’s further along than in the below images but here’s where he was last I actually took any shots.

Chaos Terminator
Chaos Terminator

I really should at least get some updated shots of this guy…

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Thor’s Workbench: December 13th
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