Thor’s Workbench: Flesh Hounds of Khorne (Test Model)

KhorneI just wrapped up a test model for my Flesh Hounds of Khorne unit. Originally I was planning to use the unit as a chance to experiment with airbrushing for the first time but I decided against it. I have a few days clear to do nothing but paint and I had a choice to make. I could use a day to learn and get familiar with an airbrush and the next day to actually paint the unit or I could just spend the two days painting the unit in my typical fashion. So, I opted for the standard method. I’ll still get around to using the airbrush just not with a deadline looming.

Anyway, as noted the other day, I’m using Warhounds of Chaos for the Flesh Hounds unit; a pretty standard counts-as these days. I wanted an approach that looked good but wouldn’t take me too long to accomplish so I kept it simple. The skin is a base coat of Khorne Red, washed with a green wash, Khorne Red again in a streaky fashion that I so love to do, Blood Red and then Hot Orange at a few high points. The colors are GW and Vallejo. Yeah, 5-steps for skin is simple! No, it really isn’t but it’s a process I’ve mastered at this point and it doesn’t take as long as you might think.

Now, the fur is simple, it’s drybrushed. I used three colors on the drybrushing, starting at Sombre Grey then Fenrisian Grey and lastly Ghost Grey. Again, GW and Vallejo colors. Drybrushing isn’t something I do often but I think it looks great on heavily textured surfaces like fur. It would be cleaner edge highlighting all that fur but it’s hardly worth the effort on a unit like this.

Oh, here’s some shots. They are on the dark side. I was trying to avoid washing it out. Well, I didn’t wash it out. I’ll get better WIP shots of the unit as I go.

Overall I’m happy with how it came out. Obviously basing isn’t done and the skin looks better with proper lighting. The speed was a little slow but my test models always are because I’m spending as much time working out my process as I am painting the model. Once the process is determined, as it now is, the rest of the models take about half as long. Now to get going on the rest of the unit.

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He’s looking good! I look forward to seeing the entire unit painted up. I also can’t wait to see what you can do when you finally get your hand on an airbrush.