Thor’s Workbench: Flesh Hounds of Khorne WIP #1

Last week I posted up a test model. I had big plans and lots of time to get the unit mostly done; so I thought. I had far more to do than I anticipated that wasn’t related to painting this unit. Also, I had realized I had work to do on some small odds and ends that I needed to get done for this coming weekend for a tournament. I had to get a banner of blood done for my Bloodletters and also a few meltaguns for my Chaos Marines. Thankfully it’s also stuff that needed to get done for the Standoff too. Anyway, I did still make some great progress on the Flesh Hounds. Here’s some shots of half the unit prior to basing. Most of these shots suck but the last one isn’t terrible.

Once I worked out the test model these guys went pretty quick. I altered up the fur on a few just to add some diversity to the unit. It’s one of the things I like about Chaos and Daemons, you don’t expect uniformity in everything and it makes painting the models more enjoyable. I also opted to do the faces entirely as fur on all but the test model. The test model I blended flesh to fur and it looks great I think but also takes time. I wanted to blow through the first half of the squad so the next half will get a few more with blended faces. Again, another thing to just keep the unit interesting.

The basing is in progress as I type this so then it’s on to getting five more of these done. I should be ready for the Standoff early for once and not spend the night before rushing through something I need to get done.

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These look great. The skin/fur combo and contrast really makes them stand out.


Those are awesome! Excellent work with color and highlighting. Inspires me to finally get mine painted… not that I’m likely to anytime soon, but when I want a boot in the rear to do so, I’ll come back to this post!