Thor’s Workbench: Heldrake in Progress (WIP #1)

HeldrakeI absolutely love the Heldrake. It’s been one of my most consistently performing units game to game and I like the model as well. It has also been a model I have not been looking forward to painting because there’s a lot too it. I enjoy painting detailed and intricate models but this thing just has so much surface area that I know damn well it’s going to take me forever with what little time I’ve had lately for painting.

That being said, I did finally break down and start on the Heldrake. I played in a tournament this past Saturday and it did very well for me so it’s earned some paint. It is also a model I use in every single list and I naturally focus my painting efforts on units I use constantly.

The model is magnetized and so I’ll just take it one magnetized piece at a time and I opted to start with the head. Being the smallest part I can work on I figure it will give me a chance to work out my process to make doing the larger pieces easier. So, here’s a shot of the head which is complete.

Heldrake WIP 1 Heldrake WIP 2




If you’re wondering about the visible join line in the head it’s because the head is magnetized, each head half so it holds the weapon in place.

  • I think the Heldrake model is pretty cool, well until you look at the arse end! In game it is pretty cool as well. I haven’t even started on mine (only undercoated it), my Iron Warriors are making mega slow progress – started them back in Oct and hardly done anything with them.

    • Yeah, my painting hasn’t exactly been making a ton of progression either and this model will slow that down even more.

  • Not too much to go on so far, but it’s really clean. I presume the half-black/blue is just because you’re going with the same scheme as the rest of the marines. What’s the skinny with the orange? Is that an OSL effect?

    • Yeah, matching scheme with the half & half. Of course it will become more apparent when more of the model is done.

      Yep, was playing with OSL to get a fiery look. I’ll be doing the same on the engine areas when I get that far.

  • Looks like you are off to a good start. I look forward to seeing the rest of it come together.

    • Thanks.

      I have this feeling this will be many series of updates, like a lot. I did finally manage to magnetize and pin the wings. I struggled with it and set it aside for a good many weeks to focus on less aggravating things. The break helped and now the rest of it is ready for primer and paint.

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